the birth of a diverse exhibition

Ashley is a 22-year-old A&D alum who is drawing her way through a post-grad life.

A little over one year ago, a fellow IP-er, Eryn Campbell, came to me with an idea she had for an art exhibition.  With her love for visual illusions and my experience of curating a show the year before, we quickly pieced our proposal together.  Out came Disillusion.



With this show, we welcomed a range of interpretations on the theme of illusion and disillusion.  Rather than illusions being solely visual, we asked for consideration of this topic as the concept or idea behind the work.  Artists were pushed to determine how to create a new reality or how to destroy a previously constructed one.

Work • Ann Arbor owns a central spot on State Street, an intersection between UM’s central campus and the city's downtown, which makes for a desirable location for any artist to show work.  Eryn and I felt strongly about collecting work for Disillusion that was both university affiliated and not, finding submissions locally from Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, and also from Chicago and New York.

Disillusion showcases not only artists from diverse locales and backgrounds, but also a variety of artwork from woven etchings to explosive installations.

Two Minute Crime Scene by Stephanie Tisza




Sweet Light by Jeremy Daly and Jack Doehring (photo courtesy of Dmytri Hryciw)



photography by Peter Baker


salamanders by Jack Carder


Eyeball Mountain #1 by Ben Bertin


The exhibit opened on Friday, February 12th with a special performance by Jeremy Daly and Kevin McKay. (photo courtesy of Dmytri Hryciw)


 Make sure you see Disillusion before it’s gone on March 12th.  This is only small a selection of the amazing work on display at Work • Ann Arbor (306 South State Street).