publish or perish

mr steve printed here

Stephen Schudlich is the Director of Exhibitions for Work • Detroit, A&D's exhibition space in the 313.

here's some stuff that is currently in the pipeline between my mind and the physical world. it gets from one to the other by taking a magical trip through some sort of printing process. then i can distribute these unsolicited materials ad nauseum. i do this to maintain my presence in the land of editorial illustration.

from time to time, mr. steve shares his favorite sources with his little lambs and today is one of those occasions. if you already know of these, pay 'em forward won'tcha?

gotprint: offers many sizes and several stocks (no chicken) also groovy round corners. the printer of choice for all work•detroit postcards.

VGkids: awesome. ypsilanti based.

MOO: some groovy sizes and packages. i have seen some MOO products floating around GradStudentVille.