Recent Stories
  1. John Marshall on Whithervanes: a Neurotic Early Worrying System
  2. Jack Lardis (BFA '53): Founder of Oil Drum Art
  3. Student Profiles: Meet Ariana Wescott

Cool Classes & Assignments
  1. a crash course in the sculptural potential of paper and fibers
  2. John Baird's Furniture Making class creates inventive and usable pieces.
  3. Witt Visitor Andrea Loefke: Creating Worlds

Advice for Emerging Artists
  1. Sara Radin (BA '11): Concept Design and Inspiration
  2. An Interview with Type Designer Matthew Carter
  3. An Interview with Joseph Keckler (BFA '04)

Focus on Faculty
  1. A glimpse into faculty studios this summer
  2. Jim Cogswell designs for the new C.S. Mott Children's Hospital
  3. Osman Khan goes on a floating residency in the Arctic Circle

Student Voices
  1. Lessons in cross-disciplinary creativity and dumpster diving.
  2. Student Profiles: Meet Ariana Wescott
  3. A&D Seniors work on their first project: customizing their studios.

Making a Difference
  1. A&D Professor Janie Paul on 17 years of curating the Annual Exhibitions of Art by Michigan Prisoners.
  2. Charlie Michaels shares updates on Detroit Connections: In the Classroom and Change by Design.
  3. Designing Across Cultures.

Living a Creative Life: Alumni Stories
  1. Making the Case for Creative Thinking
  2. An Interview with Joseph Keckler (BFA '04)
  3. The man behind Bergdorf's famous window displays

Going Global: Stories from Abroad
  1. MFA students report on their 2012 travels
  2. Charlie Michaels leads a group of 10 students on a 3-week West African trip
  3. Designing Across Cultures.

Epic Fails
  1. EPIC FAIL #4: Jim Cogswell learns that you you can’t make everybody happy...
  2. EPIC FAIL #3: Parisa Ghaderi learns that making a lot of mistakes can lead to a solution...
  3. EPIC FAIL #2: Juliet Hinely learns an important lesson about site-specific installations...

Other Stories
  1. The Stamps community made their mark on Chicago during the recent CAA conference.
  2. Stephen Schudlich gives us a culinary tour of Detroit.
  3. To Be Designed: A conference about the future

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