Recent Stories
  1. John Marshall on Whithervanes: a Neurotic Early Worrying System
  2. Jack Lardis (BFA '53): Founder of Oil Drum Art
  3. Student Profiles: Meet Ariana Wescott

Cool Classes & Assignments
  1. Matt Shlian's students turn paper into packaging, clothing, sets, books, and more.
  2. Life-Casting with Alginate
  3. John Baird's Furniture Making class creates inventive and usable pieces.

Advice for Emerging Artists
  1. An Interview with New Yorker Cartoon Editor Bob Mankoff.
  2. Reed Esslinger (MFA 2012) interviews internationally acclaimed artist Ernesto Neto.
  3. An interview with Robert Hammond, co-founder of NYC's High Line.

Focus on Faculty
  1. Witt Visitor Andrea Loefke: Creating Worlds
  2. A glimpse into faculty studios this summer
  3. On Painting: an essay by Jim Cogswell.

Student Voices
  1. Student Profiles: Meet Ariana Wescott
  2. A&D Seniors work on their first project: customizing their studios.
  3. Reupholstering a classic in furniture design

Making a Difference
  1. A&D Associate Professor Nick Tobier on social design and his interest in Detroit.
  2. Helping kids manage diabetes with video games.
  3. A&D Professor Janie Paul on 17 years of curating the Annual Exhibitions of Art by Michigan Prisoners.

Living a Creative Life: Alumni Stories
  1. Candy Chang (BFA '01): urban planning + Street art + graphic design
  2. The man behind Bergdorf's famous window displays
  3. Cara Levine (BFA '07) balances studio practice and social engagement

Going Global: Stories from Abroad
  1. Charlie Michaels leads a group of 10 students on a 3-week West African trip
  2. MFA students report on their 2012 travels
  3. Designing Across Cultures.

Epic Fails
  1. EPIC FAIL #3: Parisa Ghaderi learns that making a lot of mistakes can lead to a solution...
  2. EPIC FAIL #2: Juliet Hinely learns an important lesson about site-specific installations...
  3. EPIC FAIL #1: Sherri Smith learns an important lesson about prototyping...

Other Stories
  1. Stephen Schudlich gives us a culinary tour of Detroit.
  2. The Stamps community made their mark on Chicago during the recent CAA conference.
  3. To Be Designed: A conference about the future

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