The Personal Cartography of Emma McNally

John Kannenberg is a first year MFA candidate in the School of Art and Design.

Emma McNally creates beautiful graphite drawings whose intricate lines evoke maps, networks, and many other forms of data representation in their stark complexity. A 2008 essay by Ana Balona de Oliveira discusses some of the theoretical underpinnings of McNally's work, and includes some insight from the artist herself.


Student Weekly

What's really happening 'round hyah?

Zack Jacobson-Weaver is the Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator at A&D.

Here's the first of a weekly post topic entitiled "WHO ARTED".  I'll do my best to post some of the major (and not so major) happenings around the studio and anywhere else I see awesomeness ensuing.  Please feel free to send images along with the names of conspirators and accomplices in any creative projects from any local folks.  Here's the week of 2.1.10.  One month of butt kickin' down.  Mr. Sulu, warp 2!

Casey vs Steel Wire: Steel Wire 10, Casey 3: Hard fought battle.  Casey is a first year student undertaking the arduous task of life-size figure sculpture.  Lots of smash-mouth Iron-Woman torch-burning carnage.  NOT ALL OF THEM WILL SURVIVE! Those who do, will be able to make anything in the 3rd dimension.......and beyond.

The foundry is in full swing this semester.  Students in the bronze casting class rock it out here with Gort (at left) who is surprising agile for an alien robot. (And single! WOW!)

Shawn, cursing and flailing wildly, relieves frustration on his first ever bronze cast revealing the beautiful swan.....that was once an ugly duckling.

And finally...

"The Pusher", Gabrielle, in her ceaseless quest to get everyone wacked-out  on sugar to stay awake through lecture, awaits the verdict on a classic, blood-diamond-cherry ring pop as Ana, desperately tries to separate her Jolly Rancher-glued teeth, savoring the bling to come.


Tune in next week for more of.....Who Arted?!



Notes from the Studio

Zack Jacobson-Weaver is the Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator at A&D.

University, what does it mean to me?  It means having kick a%* neighbors, for starters.  Like Mick from Architecture.  Mick Kennedy asked me and good pal John Leyland to participate in a review of his UG2 (2nd year undergrads) students' new work.  The pieces were inspired by various architectural icons and their sites.  Students had to analyze the sites and redesign their use of the Mound, Hearth, Screen, and Roof into a functioning lamp.

The atmosphere was so swanky, I suggested Kenny G.  But serious work deserves a serious review....and junk food.  Here's what we saw:

Nate Krueger (Stephen Holl office building)      


Brittany Roy (San Fran Federal Building)

Kevin Swanson (Yokohama Terminal)                 

Ed Burkhead (Holl office)

Jungmin Yoo (Holl office)                                        

Gian Tanamal and Anthony Soave (Beijing Water Cube)

Tae Kim (Statue of Liberty)                                     

Brian Surguine (Statue of Liberty)

...and last but not least

Nathan Smalligan (Yokohama Terminal)    


Nice Work, Gang.  Check out Mick and Co. here


Waste Not!

Zack Jacobson-Weaver is the Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator at A&D.

It's not hard to see at the end of the day that our practice is not exactly Al Gore's personal stretch Prius.  We generate A LOT of waste.  I do a bunch of extra work to salvage usable material and GIVE IT AWAY to starving students.  Plus, nothing bothers me more than sweat-shop T-shirts from Target that say " Green is the new..." whatever.  It's not a fad....I hope.

Yes. You.  Do it.


1975 Artists’ Soap Box Derby

San Francisco artists race amazing machines

Andre Grewe makes websites for the School of Art & Design.

Way back in 1975, a whole bunch of San Francisco artists made, raced, and occasionally crashed $100 soap box derby racers in a SF MOMA benefit.  This clip is a great archive of a particular place and time -  and it's filled with great quotes like "A banana is the fastest fruit I could think of."  Oh, and a car made out of bread.



Here We Go

Ashley is a 22-year-old A&D alum who is drawing her way through a post-grad life.

Hi.  I'm Ashley and I'll be blogging as I finish up my IP project this semester.  What’s IP you ask?  It stands for ‘Integrated Project,’ but that’s just a fancy term for a year-long thesis project required of every senior here at A&D.  IP is the first time A&D students are able to come up with their own projects, which can be very intimidating.  You come to love it for the freedom and control over the work, but it's all too easy to resent it for the mental and emotional toll it takes on you as time goes on.

Here are some preliminary drawings for my IP project.  It's about an alter ego, suitably named Box Head, who struggles to cope with everyday situations.




What I enjoy most about my project (and drawing in general) is seeing how other people respond to the image.  I can usually be found drawing when I should be working, using the opportunity to grab the reactions of my coworkers.  Oh, that’s another aspect I like best about drawing/illustration:  it’s portable!!

One more thing, I work at a movie theater…



Until the next free moment I get off school/work/internship,



3 Artists you should know

Recent inspirations

Emily Skaer graduated from A&D in 2009, and currently works as a freelance animator in Portland, OR.

#1 Beth Weintraub

Lately I've been wanting a small video camera to play around with and do some editing. My nephew just received a Flip camera, so I decided to check out their site. While I discovered my Canon camera has about the same resolution as these things, I decided against one. However, while browsing on the Flip Camera's website I made a discovery of a pretty neat artist....

Her name is Beth Weintraub. Extremely soft & feminine, Beth works with etchings on metal & paper. You can see her Flip camera designs here, you can also see more fine art pieces on her personal website.

Your best bet of checking out her work is to google her name, there's more work there under google images it seems than on her personal site.

#2 M + O Studio

Aren't these just the neatest tights you've ever seen? They're by a group in France, I believe tied to the M+O Studio of Spain, which does amazing architectural design and urban planning. These tights are all hand printed (makes me want to screenprint tights myself) and come in a lot of humorous designs. Too bad they're only available abroad... 


Here's their limited edition monster designs, you can see more on their site.


#3 Jeremy Fish

If you are familiar with Upper Playground, you no doubt know Jeremy Fish's work. Upper Playground is an online store (with a couple locations out west) that showcases designs by graffiti and other underground artists. I love Jeremy's San Francisco designs, just spotted these two animal shirts revealing what goes into the belly of these beasts. Check out his stuff at Upper Playground's site.


Welcome to Detroit

Want a Date?

Stephen Schudlich is the Director of Exhibitions for Work • Detroit, A&D's exhibition space in the 313.


Update from Germany

Michael Rodemer is spending much of the Summer of 2011 doing a collaborative art project in Berlin with Berlin artist (and former A&D Witt Resident) Franz John as part of Über-Lebenskunst, a symposium devoted to exploring sustainability, sponsored by the House of World Cultures and the Federal Cultural Foundation.

My present coordinates are:
Latitude 50.703237°
Longitude 7.111069°

If you put these numbers into Google Earth, you should see the top of the little urbanized village of ‘Dottendorf’ (engulfed long ago by the city of Bonn) in which we’ve found an apartment for the year that I’m here with a Fulbright Fellowship.

Rodemer: Studio

A fellowship like this means that multiple people and institutions are trusting you an enormous amount to do something productive. Alas, one can’t google an answer to the question of what to do. Consequently, I’ve been spending time in my attic studio thinking and trying things out; some of the first experiments are materializing.  I’ve been painting a good bit (no, I’m not really a painter, but it feels so good, and I LOVE the colors! )

Rodemer: Painting

And I’ve been tearing apart motorized model cars to give them behaviors using microcontrollers and a motor control chip. I’m working on getting this model car to sense when it has reached the edge of the abyss (or table), and reverse direction.



This month, I’ve undertaken an exhibition project in nearby Aachen, working with a fellow artist to make a number of bridge-like sculptures every weekend in January. When they’re done, we’ll have an opening/closing. In this blog, I’ll document something of this experience to share it with you.

Michael Rodemer in gallery

This photo was taken last Saturday in the gallery in Aachen. It’s a “Produzentengalerie”, which means that a group of artists run it as a co-op. My friend Peter Schneider is one of the members of the gallery, and he’s also making bridges for the show. One of these – not finished – can be seen in the background; it’s made of soy noodles, a lovely material.
I’m wearing my hat and sweatshirt because it was FREEZING in that place! Europe is under a winter storm that just won’t go away, so temps are lower than usual, and there is as much snow as in the U.P.! (Well, in some places. Aachen had about as much as during a mild Ann Arbor storm, but it caused mass consternation.)
The name of the gallery is “Artikel 5.” Anyone care to guess to what that refers?
Answer next time....


Zcorp is Dead!

Zack Jacobson-Weaver is the Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator at A&D.

I can regain my 20's!  Here's some great news.  As science and art continue some very hot fusion, our friends in med-research are one-upping Skynet with manufactured Natural-Intelligence.  Think about it...with your spare.


But what about brains?  Zombie fast food:
A whole new twist on figure sculpture.