Mr. Steve’s Motor City Diary

Stephen Schudlich is the Director of Exhibitions for Work • Detroit, A&D's exhibition space in the 313.

i live in detroit, well kinda. grosse pointe on the east side. two blocks from the lake.

i don't sail though. i don't care for sailors. as a rule, they're an arrogant lot, born of trust funds and wide wale corduroy pants. in the summer, i myself prefer wife beaters and cold beer in long neck bottles. 

every saturday i teach at College for Creative Studies. it's a 9-4 class with a lunch hour. every saturday i go to the DIA and have a coffee in kresge court. occasionally i have lunch in the michael "one trick pony" grave's designed cafeteria. this  separates me from the apes. 

in case you did not know, there are wonderful treasures here created by folks such as Leger, Klee, Moore, and some cat named Edward West.

oh, and there's a little gallery up the street called  work • detroit. it's yours, come by sometime.

Girl with Plant
Fernand Leger
Oil on canvas, 1954


Behold!  Sculpture!

more like...Dick Grayson

Zack Jacobson-Weaver is the Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator at A&D.

There’s a lot going on here, so try to keep up.  What I do is take a bunch of young excited artists behind the scenes of creating pretty much anything they can imagine in the third dimension.  Metal casting…check.  Metal fabrication…check.  Wood carving, carpentry, construction…check.  Rapid prototyping, CNC…check.  Figure modeling, kinetic, electronic…yup…cheeeyeck!

Oh and, you don’t just swing hammers, you learn about WHAT and WHY Art and Design is along the way.  Technique, history, theory…check.

We are here to have a conversation about that with anyone interested.  We can even disagree!  Type in all caps if you REALLY MEAN IT!  At least believe in what you say, because playing “artist”, faking “designer”, won’t cut it here.  This is the Sculpture Studio of A&D, The University of Michigan.  I am not Bruce Wayne, (crap!).  But sculpture Ninja?  Perhaps.  Zack, will suffice.