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Informing and Transforming

Teshia Treuhaft is currently chained to her desk documenting the process of surviving senior year at A&D and her obsession with wood veneer.

        I really think one of the best things that Michigan has to offer is the TEDxUofM conference (we can be honest - I'm little biased).  TEDxUofM is great not only because it brings the amazing people in the Michigan network to share their experiences for a one day celebration of inspiring Technology, Entertainment and Design, but because it also is a complete labor of love for the volunteer students who put on the show. Counting myself among those students – I can say for a fact, they are some of the most interesting, talented and intelligent peers I can ever hope to encounter.  The theme this year is 'Inform / Transform' and will prove to be the most elaborate event to date. 


        As it happens, instead of waxing philosophical about the amazing work that TEDx does, I can show you the beginning of what we have been working on. 

        This past weekend the new TEDxUofM site was unveiled and includes TEDtalks from the past few years. 


Click Photo to View Website


        If youre still not sold here is my personal favorite talk from 2011, featuring AJ Holmes, Alie Gordon and Carlos Valdes,

        Check it out and stay turned for more updates from TEDx!