Blogs, Blogs, Blogs

A closer look at the Blogs behind the Integrative Projects

Teshia Treuhaft is currently chained to her desk documenting the process of surviving senior year at A&D and her obsession with wood veneer.

This week in IP has been insanity. With the deadline for the student show and IP grant proposals (Money! Money?) both falling within a 48 hour period, there has been little time to work on much else.

That being said, the increased intensity level has leant itself to a shift from thinking to making. 


Here are a few of the Integrative Project Blogs / Personal Websites from fellow Seniors: 


Carlo Lorenzetti - Object Design 

Jill Brandwein -  Printmaking and Painting

James Blonairz - Woodcuts and Music Videos

Dylan Box - Furniture Design and Social Entrepeneurship 

Andrew Hainen - Digital Design and Interactive Media

Jenny Forrest - Graphic Design

Erica Wagner - Oil Painting