In The Middle

Middle schoolers invade A&D

Ashley is a 22-year-old A&D alum who is drawing her way through a post-grad life.

What happens at the School of Art & Design during summer semester when classes are out?  Is it week upon week of orientation tours?  Or does the building just sit there waiting for its fall semester of students? Are the studios invaded by mice? 

Luckily, none of the above because the school offers a variety of summer camps for non-A&D students.  Anna Foster (BFA '10), Marissa McLain (BFA '12), Reed Esslinger-Payet (MFA '12), and myself had the pleasure of teaching 'In The Middle,' a camp of thirty 11-13 year old kids in the Ann Arbor area.  During a week of teaching about art books, silkscreen printing, linoleum print making, collage, drawing, and a trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts, I was able to show the students a hands-on lesson about stop motion animation.  Thanks to the Duderstadt's Digital Lab One and the program Frame Thief, every student was able to create their own animations, compiled in this video here.  Enjoy!

In The Middle - Final Draft from Ashley Elander on Vimeo.


Journalism in the Age of Data: Documentary

A&D professor Heidi Kumao researches time-based work for her two courses: "Tools, Materials, Processes: Time" and "Animation for Broadcast."

One of my favorite pet subjects: Data Visualization! And now Geoff McGee has made a nice documentary about it and journalism. This from the incredible website: Information Aesthetics.
We are increasingly surrounded by and are drowning in mountains and mountains of data which would necessitate having artists and designers on board for any project involving data, no? SOMEONE needs to make the data coherent and give it a visible/physical representation, no?