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Emily Skaer (BFA '09) just moved to Portland, OR & is working as a freelance animator. Her interests include motion graphics, typography, animation, her wacom tablet and printmaking. One of her biggest inspirations is the street art scene, specifically that in Sao Paolo, Brazil. She has three chinchillas and two cats that like to sit on her laptop.

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Oh, silly Portlanders!

So while looking up Portland studios to get involved with, I came across this little video of a studio having waaaay too much fun. I want this much fun!! Can I have desserts thrown at me too?


CUPCAKE CANNON from kamp grizzly on Vimeo.



Your stuff sucks now…but it’s okay.

As an artist struggling with hating absolutely everthing I do, this is really inspiring:




Poetry by Billy Collins

Forgetfulness - Billy Collins Animated Poetry from smjwt on Vimeo.

I saw this animated short awhile ago & just recently discovered the great talent of it's writer, Billy Collins. His poetry is sweet, funny and heart-breaking all in one. This one's a heart-breaker.



In this tough economy…

it's nice to know you are not alone. The site features business cards of people that have been laid off, and written on top of them is an inspiring inscription or update as to what they are doing now. The cards are of those in the marketing field, a lot of directors & designers mostly.

It's comforting to see a wide variety of talented people out there also looking for work; often times you blame yourself for not being able to find work & this network gives a more uplifting view.



Minimum Wage Machine

Great concept by artist Blake Fall-Conroy. Here's the description of his new sculpture from his personal website:

"The minimum wage machine allows anybody to work for minimum wage. Turning the crank will yield one penny every 5.04 seconds, for $7.15 an hour (NY state minimum wage). If the participant stops turning the crank, they stop receiving money. The machine's mechanism and electronics are powered by the hand crank, and pennies are stored in a plexiglas box."

Working my way through college & even after I had my fair share of minimum wage jobs, and know how cruddy it is to work so hard for such a small paycheck. Glad this piece is calling attention to the issue. I think the suits should have to use this machine before they can hire anyone on for minimum wage at their companies.



Condom Commercial

Definitely not for kids, this commercial is HILARIOUS. I cited it as an inspiration for my IP project last year, and just discovered the outtakes.



Animating per-character in After Effects

If you are an After Effects user, you probably have wondered at some point how to animate text per letter. I always forget, but this tutorial is fantastic at explaining it. There's more from where this came from, too! Creative Cow has excellent tutorials and Aaron Rabinowitz is very thorough with his explinations. Wonderful teacher.



So Much To Look At…..

Saw this on my favorite site, Motionographer, it's pretty spectacular.

Here's more about the project from the site:

Johnny Kelly and Matthew Cooper have just made a series of 56 hilarious and poignant animated GIFS called I Am Not An Artist for Elisava, a Barcelona-based design school. The piece, subtitled An Animated GIF Paranoia About Nonstop Design Workers, illustrates the process of design as hard and sometimes painful work using stop-motion and animated sequences that are reduced to 3-7 frame loops. Some are silly, some are trippy, some are mundane. For me the totality of watching the 56 loops playing altogether feels a bit like the kind of work we do; windows upon windows of activity, with no end in sight.

You can get involved as well, and upload your own animation sequence to be included in the piece. I’ve already started thinking about mine.

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Amanda Wachob’s Artwork

One of my favorite things to do in a bookstore is to look at tattoo books, for some reason (although I do not have any currently), tattoo designs fascinate me. A friend, Carolyn Somes ('09 A&D Grad) recently emailed me the work of Amanda Wachobs. Her work isn't your average pinup girl or pirate, they're vibrant, saturated & playful tatttoos that bring something new to the table. Her canvas work isn't bad, either.

shoulder tattooCanvas



Detroit Humor

So if any of you frequent Detroit, or if you know anyone who lives downtown, you'll love this video.

I recently got to meet one of the creators of it at my weekend job, Joe Krause, who gave me a bit of the background stories on the video. Reminds me of my high school days going downtown and thinking I was badass.

Hilarious video, definitely worth checking out!!



Sue Doeksen

Another new artist

Here's a new artist who I have grown a new found obsession for. Sue Doeksen's work is colorful, dynamic and each portion seems to evolve into something new. Click on the image below to see more of her fantastic work!



3 Artists you should know

Recent inspirations

#1 Beth Weintraub

Lately I've been wanting a small video camera to play around with and do some editing. My nephew just received a Flip camera, so I decided to check out their site. While I discovered my Canon camera has about the same resolution as these things, I decided against one. However, while browsing on the Flip Camera's website I made a discovery of a pretty neat artist....

Her name is Beth Weintraub. Extremely soft & feminine, Beth works with etchings on metal & paper. You can see her Flip camera designs here, you can also see more fine art pieces on her personal website.

Your best bet of checking out her work is to google her name, there's more work there under google images it seems than on her personal site.

#2 M + O Studio

Aren't these just the neatest tights you've ever seen? They're by a group in France, I believe tied to the M+O...

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