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Emilia Javanica is a current MFA candidate at the School of Art and Design. Emilia is a performance/theater artist, object maker, puppeteer, interpretive dancer, writer, budding video artist and creator of imaginary realities. She creates her own sets, props, costumes, stories and characters. She often creates spaces for her audience to perform and interact. Through all her creative endeavors, Emilia aims to reflect, interpret, exaggerate, deform and amplify aspects of the human experience.

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The International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge 2010

Visualizing science through art.

Okay, I'll admit that science has never been a big component of my own work, and sometimes when I hear about conferences and other events that focus on the crossovers of 'science and art', I usually flip the channel. Not that I don't think science is interesting.. it's just that, well, I guess I've just never been that excited about science in relation to art, just as I'm not so interested in science in relation to spirituality. The body, yes, definitely interested. And yes, science does play into the body, but not in the way that I'm usually looking at it, which is more on the surface (i.e. physical appearance). However, a recent viewing of images of the winners from the International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge 2010 has made me consider otherwise.. Hey, maybe science and art isn't so bad after all!

For eight years, the International Science &...

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Drowning Beautiful

Underwater sculptures

If you haven't seen them already, check out these images of artist Jason de Caires Taylor’s underwater sculptures. A very interesting approach to bringing ART outside of the GALLERY. Certainly some very beautiful images have come out of it. Of course, the best way to experience the sculptures would be to dive down into that South American sea yourself and scuba your way down there, but sadly that is probably limited those who are skilled and can afford to do so. But, definitely still worth taking a look. For more info:, and:



Jan Svankmajer and his delightfully disturbing films

The surreal films of Jan Svankmajer

As my first post on the PLAY gallery blog, I thought I'd share one of my newest obsessions: the films of Jan Svankmajer. Many years ago (as in, perhaps, 2001) I had the pleasure of watching one of Jan's more recent feature films, 'Little Otik', which he made in 2000. The film tells the story of a childless couple who end up adopting a tree root that vaguely resembles a child. Through pampering, the tree root slowly comes to life, growing and growing until horror ensues as he begins consuming anything and everything around him. A truly strange, surreal, amazing film. Highly recommended. At the time I watched it, I forgot the name of the film and who it was by, and only recently rediscovered it again.

Well, it turns out that 'Little Otik' is just one of many films by Jan Svankmajer that are more than just amusing. Born in Prague in 1934, where he still lives today, Jan...

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