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John Kannenberg is an MFA candidate in the School of Art and Design. His art practice includes works in sound, video and digitally manipulated photography. His interests include field recording, foregrounding background, and the acoustics of art museums and galleries. He is also the creator, designer and curator of, an interdisciplinary digital art space and record label for experimental sound and music. Learn more about his work at
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Digital Music Ensemble presents John Cage’s CIRCUS ON: Huckleberry Finn

Performance Art in a Barn. Giddyup.

The Digital Music Ensemble is presenting its experimental theatrical take on the novel Huckleberry Finn tomorrow night, using John Cage's mesostic score CIRCUS ON to reinterpret the novel's text through chance procedures. The show's taking place in a barn. With a coffin. And a rocket. And thievery. And incarceration. And a bluegrass band. You should come. You can see the barn in the video above, with an early version of the DME Bluegrass Band's take on Amazing Grace.

For directions and to download an audio file of the first chapter of the performance, visit the event's website or join its Facebook event page!



Sonic Acts 2010 Wrap-Up

The Game of Life Foundation's Wave Field Synthesis system, a 192-speaker surround sound system.

The last half of the Sonic Acts 2010 conference was just as jam-packed as the first. The third day focused primarily on field recording and music, beginning with one of the figureheads of contemporary R. Murray Schaeffer-influenced recording practice, Barry Truax, lecturing about his own work composing music with environmental sounds. I was particularly interested in his discussions of convolution and its application to the manipulation of the acoustic space of field recordings.

A presentation by Hildegard Westerkamp followed, discussing her long-standing interest in leading soundwalks. Some technical difficulties (see the above video), while unfortunate, actually enhanced the drama of her presentation, an interesting blend of lecture, listening exercises and...

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Sonic Acts 2010: The Poetics of Space - Sound Art in Amsterdam Day 2

Amsterdam sound art conference continued

Day 2 of Sonic Acts 2010: The Poetics of Space started off with the beginning of the conference proper, meeting up at the massive Café De Balie in the Leidseplein entertainment district of Amsterdam. De Balie seemed enormous, with its multiple rooms of café seating, a full bar, ticket office and two theater spaces on the ground floor alone; that was until the crowd for Sonic Acts decided to show up.

There were so many people, the atrium and café were shoulder-to-shoulder by 9:45am, fifteen minutes before the conference was scheduled to begin. Luckily I'd pre-ordered a festival and concert pass before I arrived, so I was one of the lucky ticket holders who had priority to sit in the theater where the conference was actually taking place; dozens of other people weren't so lucky, and were banished to the secondary theater to watch what was happening in the theater...

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Sonic Acts 2010: The Poetics of Space - Sound Art in Amsterdam

Sound art conference in Amsterdam

Last week I travelled to Amsterdam for a four day conference on sound art, Sonic Acts XIII: The Poetics of Space, a densely-packed series of lectures, exhibitions and performances dedicated to 21st century notions of sound's relationship to space, using Gaston Bachelard's 1958 philosophical text on the architecture of the imagination, in which he phenomenologically analyzed poetic notions of space and place. The conference was a four day crash-course in contemporary sound art theory and practice, and one of the most exciting and inspirational art events I've ever attended!

The first day of the event began with a mini-conference and exhibition at STEIM, one of the world's premier studio/research facilities dedicated to electronic performance arts. Talks were given by artists-in-residence Hans W. Koch, whose "Two Rooms, Flipped" installation connected two of STEIM's...

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Yes, No, Maybe: First Year MFA Student Show

Adaptation, awareness, abandonment and karaoke.

Photos from the Yes No Maybe opening reception.

The first year MFA cohort recently finished installing a group show to exhibit work made during our first few months in the program here at UM. By far one of our best experiences yet as a class, the show came together organically and culminated with a well-attended opening reception on February 12.

Getting ten artists in a room together to show off their work isn't always easy (at one point someone made a reference to herding cats, which wasn't too far from the truth!), but we somehow managed to elegantly cram a lot of work into that space.

Transmogrification from Emilia Javanica on Vimeo.

Looking around the show during the reception, it was really impressive that our class has such diverse interests and works in such a wide variety of media. We've got Lea's painting, James' photo triptychs, and Amanda's and...

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The Personal Cartography of Emma McNally

Emma McNally creates beautiful graphite drawings whose intricate lines evoke maps, networks, and many other forms of data representation in their stark complexity. A 2008 essay by Ana Balona de Oliveira discusses some of the theoretical underpinnings of McNally's work, and includes some insight from the artist herself.