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Recent A&D Graduate

After recently graduating from A&D (BFA’10), Laura Pazuchowski remains in Ann Arbor jumping from project to project. As a result, she has developed pretty strong calf muscles and a love for performance, spoken word, and video art. Currently, she is excited to be assisting Witt Visiting Artist in Residence Christopher Sperandio and blogging about the progress of his project Conflict Theory as Game.

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Game Testing

With the table set up, majority of the figures cast, and basic rules established, game testing begins Wednesday from 4PM onwards.  Feel free to come by the Slusser Lounge and learn how to play!



Game Pieces

Visiting artist Christopher Sperandio starts casting this week!

Casting the game pieces begins this week as the construction of the game table comes to a close.  

  Last two photos courtesy of Mike Quigley, intern extraordinaire and game table designer. 




Witt Visiting Artist Chris Sperandio

One half royalty.  

He is a Kartoon King after all.  

One half, well, something else.  

See for yourself.  Chris Sperandio's journey to Penny Stamps as told by SHARAD PATEL, a filmmaker and friend of Chris.