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inspired by: JENNA LYONS

Jenna Lyons is the Executive Creative Director of J.Crew. And my idol.

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Turning twenty-two last weekend brought on more anxiety about the future. Just one more year until I’m actually old! I keep thinking as the same question I was asked at age five, continues to come back and haunt me. Then, I answered it by finger-painting a picture of myself as an artist holding a palette and wearing a beret by an easel. Seventeen years later, I’m still making art and I’m now wearing a fabulous beret my friend got me while studying abroad in Paris. But trying to figure out what kind of artist or creative person I want to be? Now that’s the hard part.

After my internship last summer at Polo Ralph Lauren, I realized fashion combined all of my interests in one industry, including art, culture, business, and journalism. Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time researching fashion companies and learning about career...

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inspired by: KANYE WEST

“Your girlfriend’s really beautiful… Do you know she’s a bird? I mean like a monkey in a zoo.”

I have always been fascinated by creative inspiration and where people find it. Sometimes it’s a person, place, or thing…


A trip to Antarctica,

The growth cycle of amaryllis flowers,

Or a childhood memory of viewing a sunset upside down.*


But whatever that influence is, it moves you in someway.

Maybe it forces one to create

to explore

or to change

and to see life in a new light…


As an art student on the brink of graduation, and the start of my life as a starving artist, I’ve been taking much of my recent inspiration from successful, creative people, who successfully do it all.

Cue Kanye West.

Rapper, Singer, Record Producer, Taylor Swift-Offender. Now he can even add Film Producer/Director to the list. Bravo!

I guess my love for Kanye began when I had my first kiss to his song “All Falls Down.” Although that is quite embarrassing to...

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