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A&D Senior and Lover of Objects.

Teshia Treuhaft is from Kalamazoo, MI and is a senior at the School of Art and Design. Her work falls into the realms of weaving, woodworking and furniture design and she is currently working on a senior integrated project. Teshia is a part-time barista and full time eccentric, lover of summer study-abroad programs, coffee and anything Yves Klein blue. She currently resides in her IP studio, chained to her desk documenting the process of surviving senior year at A&D and her obsession with wood veneer.

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views {on Sophomore Re} views

Making review a terror or a triumph

        The past few weeks the Society of Art Students (“SAS” A&D’s Student Government) has been trying hard to think of good ways to help the sophomores prepare for their sophomore reviews in April.

        For those who dont know, Sophomore review is a process that each student at A&D goes through at the end of their fourth semester at Michigan to review their progress and get feedback on their work to date. It works as a check-in and is an excellent opportunity for the student to speak about their work as a whole, meet some new professors and be critiqued. It is a rite of passage and can be either eye-opening or terrifying depending on your perspective.

        This past week SAS hosted a sophomore review panel made up of juniors and seniors willing to share their experiences and insight. For those of you who couldn’t be in on the conversation – we’ve put together a...

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Technology, Entertainment and .... Fine Arts?

TEDxUofM taps the A&D students for some amazing poster artwork.

        At TEDxUofM, we have been thinking about ways to incorporate the amazing painters, printmakers and illustrators at A&D into the TED realm for quite a few months now. Arguably one of the best things about UM Art and Design is that each student (whatever their medium) coexists and works side-by-side students that create in completely different ways. 

        Similarly, in TEDxUofM, it is less about who a specific speaker or attendee is and more about the fact that they share a common passion for ideas, inspiration and innovation. Naturally, they all express themselves in different disciplines, much like the students of A&D all express themselves in different media, but I’ve always felt a common thread through the school of A&D and TED.

        This year, instead of having one of our amazing graphic designers (and they are amazing) simply put together a poster; we...

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Table vs Chair

The Fight of the Century

        So the fact of the matter is that as artists and designers, exhibiting work is part of the game. The other fact of the matter is that as an undergraduate artist or designer it’s really hard to exhibit work because all of your time is dedicated to making the work. Showing it off is inconvenient while you’re in school. 

        Well, Ryan Herberholz (senior in A&D) decided to do something about that. After spending a few years hitting the ground looking for viable gallery space to use, he realized something had to be done about giving undergrads the opportunity to show work without needing to fill an entire gallery by themselves – something that most of us don’t have enough work to do yet.

        With that (and the thoughtful support of Rebekah Modrak) the new student group A.D.E.O. was born (Art and Design Exhibition Organization).

        A.D.E.O. works with...

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Veneer Obsessed (In Action)

Wooden Business Cards

In defense of my ‘obsessed with wood veneer’ reputation,

Veneer really is very cool.


This week I worked on some professional things (I hope John Luther reads this) for the Annual A&D Portfolio Expo happening on February 9th.

In preparation for the expo, and hopefully an eventual career someday, I did a test run of some veneer business cards I plan to make. Hopefully I can give to important people who might pay me lots and lots of money or accept me into their graduate schools.

Here are the results, laser cut out of maple burl veneer! 

 Unveils a New Look for 2012

Informing and Transforming

        I really think one of the best things that Michigan has to offer is the TEDxUofM conference (we can be honest - I'm little biased).  TEDxUofM is great not only because it brings the amazing people in the Michigan network to share their experiences for a one day celebration of inspiring Technology, Entertainment and Design, but because it also is a complete labor of love for the volunteer students who put on the show. Counting myself among those students – I can say for a fact, they are some of the most interesting, talented and intelligent peers I can ever hope to encounter.  The theme this year is 'Inform / Transform' and will prove to be the most elaborate event to date. 


        As it happens, instead of waxing philosophical about the amazing work that TEDx does, I can show you the beginning of what we have been working on. 

        This past weekend...

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Design Blogging

A few good design blogs to get you through the week.

In an effort to spread the good design blogging of the world, I thought I would share a few of my favorite reads. Perhaps they will be a new favorite for you or provide a little inspiration for the New Year. Plus, if you have a great design project and some good photos - many of them accept student submissions to be considered for posting! 

Here are my top picks (Click to view blog and thanks to Matt Kenyon for the idea!)

Freshome is an excellent site for quick browsing of furniture and interior design projects. 

Core77 is the MUST read design blog and resource for all designers. Great articles and my personal favorite for reviews of new design books.


Design Milk is source for short articles on interior design as well as sections of fashion and fine arts. Also a side blog Dog Milk entirely on design for dogs. 

Aesthetics of Joy is and soon-to-be book...

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A Little Light Hacking.

        So, we all love IKEA. Everyone wants a Varmluft or Lack or Poäng for the living room, and even if you don’t it's still fun to try and pronounce Swedish. 

        The IKEA Canton location is a must for my roommates and I at the beginning of each school year, stocking up on flat pack furniture to fill dorm rooms / apartments / student housing of all sorts. So what is this about the meatball-eating masses repurposing their very own slice of Swedish greatness? Well that my friends, brings us to the new buzzphrase “IKEA Hacking” - The process of modifying or repurposing an IKEA product or component into a new object. 

        Here is a nifty hack/project from friend and fellow A&D senior Ryan Thurmer. Check it out here and on IKEA Hackers.

        "These plywood lamps, held together by the tension of their electric cables (the IKEA HEMMA Cord), attempt to add a...

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Half an I.P.

One semester down. One to go.

        As 2011 comes to a close and the famed Michigan winter sets in, Integrative Progress (IP) is heading towards its first major progress milestone. The IP students now find themselves in the final leg of the semester and will be presenting what we’ve done to a group of professors in a one-hour individual consultation.

        With that on the horizon, I thought it might just be time to (briefly) articulate what I’ve been doing to the blogging world, as I will be asked to do it in a far more intimate (and for many, intimidating) situation in a few days. IP is often the first time that as young artists and designers we can really dive in and develop our skills and concepts on a project of this scale. It requires that we attempt to bring them together in a way that shows the complexity of both the thinking and the making we have done in the past 3.5 years.



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42 Hours of Re-Cardboard

Which would you rather get in the mail?


        Two weeks ago my friend Courtney Duffey (Architecture) forwarded me an e-mail about this competition that was going to be happening on North Campus called 42-hours of Re_Creativity. We gathered our engineering pals Dan Connors (Material Science and Chemical Engineering) and Ben Mason (Computer Engineering) to form a team. We called ourselves the “Desperate Designers” and operated under the guidance of Art and Design Professor Jan-Henrik Andersen. The competition is a collaborative effort by ArtsEngine and Group Idea ( to bring together and tap the creative power of the North Campus schools and colleges.

        The premise of the competition is you have 42 hours (43 because of daylight savings) to buy/gather only reused materials that collectively cost less than $50 per team. Each team must be made up of three or more...

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Upholstery Dreamin’

        So, after going to Denmark for the summer I absolutely worship at the alter of Verner Panton (possibly more than any other Danish designer - which is saying something). His chairs are amazing; you might recognize the famous S-chair (which can been seen in the atrium at the UM Ross School of Business). 

        That being said, I had the ultimate find at the Ann Arbor Reuse Center a month or so ago when I found an original Panton Cone Chair for the amazingly low price of $3 (paid entirely in change from my pocket). Quite the find considering a new Panton cone chair will set you back well over a thousand dollars. 



        Since the first day of IP when we were running through initial concepts for projects, I had wanted to try out some upholstery. It was suggested to me by the very smart (and I later found out, very patient), graduate student John...

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Blogs, Blogs, Blogs

A closer look at the Blogs behind the Integrative Projects

This week in IP has been insanity. With the deadline for the student show and IP grant proposals (Money! Money?) both falling within a 48 hour period, there has been little time to work on much else.

That being said, the increased intensity level has leant itself to a shift from thinking to making. 


Here are a few of the Integrative Project Blogs / Personal Websites from fellow Seniors: 


Carlo Lorenzetti - Object Design 

Jill Brandwein -  Printmaking and Painting

James Blonairz - Woodcuts and Music Videos

Dylan Box - Furniture Design and Social Entrepeneurship 

Andrew Hainen - Digital Design and Interactive Media

Jenny Forrest - Graphic Design

Erica Wagner - Oil Painting






Come Out. Show Work.

"My name is Teshia, I am a blogger and this is my art:"

So, if you haven’t heard about this project and youre in the UM Art & Design community, you really have to start talking to your friends (or make some new ones). 


A few weeks ago, Art & Design/Interarts Performance Student Anya Klapischak unveiled her project to the captive Penny Stamps Lecture Series audience. I have to admit I wasn't sold at first. As a first class cynic I didn’t understand the need, are we not creating a supportive enough creative community of students? Do we need presentation practice? What's going on here? 

Well as it were, I got sold.

It just took a little bit of doing and an extremely charismatic peer of mine, Anya herself to bring to light what her project is capturing about our community about young artists. 

I had a mini-interview with her to get a bit more of a scoop. If you guys would like the whole back story be sure to read about...

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The Bewitching Hour

Veggie Burgers and Unicorns at the A&D Halloween Party

          The Society of Art Students threw the Second Annual Art and Design Halloween Party this Friday in the Courtyard to a well attended crowd including special guests, Mother Nature, Carrie, Bob Ross, Lara Croft, Pikachu (actually three Pikachus…) and the Morton Salt Girl, among others.

          Many a hotdog and veggie burger was consumed and students left with a good solid sugar high that will hopefully last until real Halloween.

          Special thanks to John Leyland, (of ceramics studio fame) for both culinary and emotional support. Additional thanks for the last minute fabrication of a much-needed powder blue Sheppard’s hook. 


          Special Mention of Laura Gillmore – 2nd Annual Costume Party Winner as Carrie, prizes included a year's worth of bragging rights and a skillfully crafted trophy from the Legendary Zack...

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Monster Mash

sneak preview: an A&D halloween

The Art and Design Halloween Party will return for a terrifying and triumphant second year. This is a costume party, so dig out your vampire fangs and 80s prom dresses; it's going to be fun. 

And because everyone loves a good behind the scenes sneak peak - here are the posters featuring the portrait work of Megan LaCroix with help from Arlene Zhao, Mike Wang and the Society for Art Students (SAS). 

Stay out of Malibu, deadbeat! Hello, Pilar? My name is Walter Sobchak, we spoke on the phone, this is my associate Jeffrey Lebowski. Forget it, Donny. You're out of your element. And let's also not forget—let's not forget, Dude—that keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent, for domestic, you know, within the city —that isn't legal either. I, uh… money, yeah, I gotta respectfully, 69 you know, tender my resignation on that matter, 'cause it looks like your mother really...
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For Your Consideration

Controversy ain't dead.

Laura Gillmore

          Consider Magazine has some serious history, dating back all the way to 1983 (which is more than most currently enrolled college students date back). The magazine offers what they call “Free discussion from campus newsstands every Wednesday.”

          Discussion indeed.

          Consider takes your classic point-counterpoint article and pumps it up - Big Time. Each issue focuses on a single topic and presents 2+ opposing viewpoints to shed light on any number of significant, controversial and contemporary issues. In recent issues the staff of Consider has tackled Global Climate Change, Gay Marriage, Legal Pornography, Revitalizing Detroit, The Smoking Ban and many more.

           The talented art staff is led by Art Director (and current A&D Senior) Meirav Gebler. Here are some of the recent covers contributed by a few very skilled...

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Getting Graphic

Students for AIGA promote in style.

         So many of these you may have seen floating around the School of Art and Design and greater North Campus area. I can't help but give some major credit to Mike Wang, James Reich and Arlene Zhao for making some pretty funny posters to promote the UM Student Chapter of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts).  There really is never an excuse for poorly designed poster when you have this many graphic design students running around. 

Stay out of Malibu, deadbeat! Hello, Pilar? My name is Walter Sobchak, we spoke on the phone, this is my associate Jeffrey Lebowski. Forget it, Donny. You're out of your element. And let's also not forget—let's not forget, Dude—that keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent, for domestic, you know, within the city —that isn't legal either. I, uh… money, yeah, I gotta respectfully, 69 you know, tender my resignation on that matter,...
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Let me see your reaction.

TEDx takes a walk on the green side.

From positive ideas for Detroit to crazy ideas in Ann Arbor, TEDxArb brings a new layer to the conversation we all need to be having. 

One of the major buzzwords around Art & Design Schools nationally in the last few years has been 'Sustainability'.

Sustainable Design, Sustainable Materials, the whole shebang is now inexorably linked with design education in universities.  In light of the success of TEDx Events all over the state of Michigan (over ten coming this year!) we now have a platform for the ideas worth spreading about sustainability at U of M. A like-minded group of students has banned together once again to pull off an impressive feat - a sustainability driven TEDx Conference to be held in the Nichols Arboretum. 

Our own A&D students have been turning out some impressive stuff to support the cause and prove once again the importance of Design Thinking...

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Senior Studios

All the art you can pack into a 10'x10'


    One of the most exciting parts of being a Senior in Art and Design is obviously the all-important and fabled senior integrated project studio (I.P.). IP for those of you new to the lingo, is a year long intensive process where blood, sweat and caffeine (hopefully not tears – but sometimes tears) fuel a project that is the culmination of each of our varied paths through the school of A&D at Michigan.

     In order to facilitate the creation of whatever project each student decides, every single member of the senior class – you guessed it – gets an IP studio of their own. My favorite part of this project (of which I have only had the pleasure of experiencing for a mere three weeks) is watching each studio evolve into the first project for each of the seniors.

     My own studio has become possibly as micromanaged as possible, drawing detailed scaled sketches of...

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Brunette in Scandinavia

If Americans want to live the "American dream," they should go to Denmark.
-Richard Wilkinson (TEDGlobal Conference, 2011)

....Well I don't know about that, but if design students want to live the furniture dream, they should definitely go to Copenhagen.


Metal Swan Chair at Republic of Fritz Hansen - Designed by Arne Jacobson. 

I spent this past summer in a land known for its tall blondes and bike riding; Copenhagen, Denmark. The program was dedicated to studying furniture design at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad and personally preparing for my Senior Integrated Project (IP). Denmark also happens to be the birthplace of the likes of Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm and Verner Panton among many, many others and a mecca for good design.

The program draws from schools all over the world, and most recently 3 students from A&D, for a 2 month intensive look...

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