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Emily Skaer graduated from A&D in 2009, and currently works as a freelance animator in Portland, OR.

#1 Beth Weintraub

Lately I've been wanting a small video camera to play around with and do some editing. My nephew just received a Flip camera, so I decided to check out their site. While I discovered my Canon camera has about the same resolution as these things, I decided against one. However, while browsing on the Flip Camera's website I made a discovery of a pretty neat artist....

Her name is Beth Weintraub. Extremely soft & feminine, Beth works with etchings on metal & paper. You can see her Flip camera designs here, you can also see more fine art pieces on her personal website.

Your best bet of checking out her work is to google her name, there's more work there under google images it seems than on her personal site.

#2 M + O Studio

Aren't these just the neatest tights you've ever seen? They're by a group in France, I believe tied to the M+O Studio of Spain, which does amazing architectural design and urban planning. These tights are all hand printed (makes me want to screenprint tights myself) and come in a lot of humorous designs. Too bad they're only available abroad... 


Here's their limited edition monster designs, you can see more on their site.


#3 Jeremy Fish

If you are familiar with Upper Playground, you no doubt know Jeremy Fish's work. Upper Playground is an online store (with a couple locations out west) that showcases designs by graffiti and other underground artists. I love Jeremy's San Francisco designs, just spotted these two animal shirts revealing what goes into the belly of these beasts. Check out his stuff at Upper Playground's site.


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