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Kath Weider-Roos is the Creative Arts Producer at A&D. She snaps photos and asks questions.

Steve Coy sent me this video below last week. His somewhat mysterious* project called Hygienic Dress League created a mural on the corner of Whitherell and Woodward that served as a backdrop for another form of street art: break dancing (which is apparently still cool, if not... hardcore.) This is Hardcore Detroit:

The video is now part of Artwork Detroit, an ongoing exhibition at Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit put together by A&D faculty Nick Tobier. Here's the gist of this exhibit, as Nick puts it: “We are especially interested in projects that give tangible form to ideas of how art can serve as a catalyst to affect Detroit as service, social space, activism, and interactions that overlap with questions of urban planning, sustainability, political and economic development.”

Nick asked artists to respond to a question: As an artist living/working in Detroit in 2010, what opportunities do you see to imagine a creative future?

Steve Coy and Hardcore Detroit responded to the question with this collaboration saying: "In terms of Detroit we want to represent it as a vibrant art scene - this was a cross pollination between street artists and break-dancers all working/living in Detroit.  This is about the feasibility of projects like ours.  The mural was erased but there are many other locations and we found another and even played into it with the "new location" edition." 

Nick has posted more from this exhibit as well as some really interesting musings on the state of the Detroit art scene in his blog, check it out.

ART Work/Detroit // the exhibit opened Saturday, September 11th and runs through November 7, 2010.  Gallery hours are by appointment only or open during events.  Further information about the exhibit and the gallery can be found online at or by calling (313)-899-CAID

*Mysterious for a reason:  Hygienic Dress League is a cool brand with cool conceptual advertising campaign that pops up all over Detroit and sometimes the web. Ie. what is this Hygienic Dress League and where can I buy some!? Who needs an actual product when you have a strong brand?


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