davis and the hot dog

arting and eating at CAA 2010

Stephen Schudlich is the Director of Exhibitions for Work • Detroit, A&D's exhibition space in the 313.

I had the privilege of attending College Art Association (CAA) conference  in Chicago last weekend. Got to sit on a panel at a table on a platform and talk into a microphone and show images on a big screen. I spoke about A&D Exhibitions particularly those channeled through our Detroit space. Neato. When it comes to our committment to our urban presence and engagement, we are looked to by many as a model "that works."

We set the bar, and we set it high.

Sure, there were many interesting sessions that one could attend ( I was only there for one day ) but, I find that that the most valuable information is often exchanged and shared over the informal breaking of bread. I had the opportunity to talk to several graduating MFA students many of whom were in attendance to either interview, or to seek connections for potential employment down the road. As a rule, the tone was positive. Guarded, but positive.

One such student was Davis. Friday afternoon, we escaped the grid briefly to indulge in one of of the Windy City's greatest culinary treasures. The iconic chicago style hot dog. Davis told me that although he realized that full time gigs were hard to come by, he had faith in his talent and his ability to serve as mentor. He also had a fabulous handlebar moustache. Watching him eat a hot dog was both wonderous and a little bit disturbing.


By the way, as far as Chicago deep dish pizza goes, Giordano's is the best. I am not willing to debate this. I attended undergraduate school in Northwest Indiana (Valparaiso University) and I've had 'em all. You are entitled to your opinion of course but, those of you who are Uno fans may also be the same folks who are wary of driving off the edge of the earth.


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