Digital Music Ensemble presents John Cage’s CIRCUS ON: Huckleberry Finn

Performance Art in a Barn. Giddyup.

John Kannenberg is a first year MFA candidate in the School of Art and Design.

The Digital Music Ensemble is presenting its experimental theatrical take on the novel Huckleberry Finn tomorrow night, using John Cage's mesostic score CIRCUS ON to reinterpret the novel's text through chance procedures. The show's taking place in a barn. With a coffin. And a rocket. And thievery. And incarceration. And a bluegrass band. You should come. You can see the barn in the video above, with an early version of the DME Bluegrass Band's take on Amazing Grace.

For directions and to download an audio file of the first chapter of the performance, visit the event's website or join its Facebook event page!


Nice job, John! "Amazing" photos. Can't wait to see it in person tomorrow night.

Posted by Merilynne Rush on April 09, 2010

Looks and sounds great - that is definitely the _least_ digital I've ever heard the DME sound!

Posted by Andre Grewe on April 09, 2010





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