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A&D professor Heidi Kumao researches time-based work for her two courses: "Tools, Materials, Processes: Time" and "Animation for Broadcast."

Winsor McKay, comic artist turned animator, 1911

Nice construction of "how it was made." The transformation of his comic "Little Nemo in Slumberland" (a gorgeously illustrated dreamworld) into an animation is dramatized here. It's a fun one to watch. Why don't we dress in suits to draw and animate?

Lotte Reiniger, silhouette animation, 1926, Germany

One of the few women mentioned in the history of animation. Invented her own form: silhouette films, that were imitated by many. Her work was featured in the 2010 Site Santa Fe exhibition in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Ladislaw Starewicz - animating insects, 1912, Russia

One of his more famous works:

Emile Cohl - 1908!

Early hand drawn- to look like chalkboard drawings.


Emile Reynaud and his Theater Optique, 1890's

This first one is a nice 3D simulation of how his theater mechanism worked:

This is the resultant movie from hundreds of stills:



Great stuff Heidi! Some of Chris Ware's tiny drawings seem like they may been influenced by Cohl's chalk animation. McCay's always my favorite - did you know he received his only formal art training in Ypsilanti, MI (at what would eventually become EMU)?

Posted by Andre Grewe on September 23, 2010





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