The Parpardelle Effect

Students in Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo's design class blog about their creative process as they develop a new logo and visual identity for the local pasta company, Al Dente.

Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo is teaching a new class this semester focusing on identity design. Monique Deschanie, founder of the local, nationally distributed pasta company, Al Dente, needs a new visual identity.

It's a win-win as these two see it. Monique gets a brand redesign. Franc's students get a real world project to wrap their newbie design brains around.

So for the next three months four student design teams will be putting their heads together to redesign Al Dente's visual identity. A big job for these students who may, at the end of it, find their work on the shelves of supermarkets around the country.

Monique Deschanie explains her current "design issues." She adds, "we need a logo that can withstand the test of time. We want to still be loving this in 10 years."

"The 'checkers' have been part of a brand from the beginning," Monique tells the class.

During the project, the students will be visiting the Al Dente headquarters in Whitmore Lake, the printing facility where the labels are made, and possibly collaborating with "eating designer" and Penny W. Stamps lecturer, Marije Vogelzang

And they'll be keeping a blog about their design process on PLAY, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, perhaps to relieve the pressure, Franc gives his students a handout. It seems to be a kind of manifesto for education in general. I like it:

Your education will not end the day you complete this course.

On the contrary, what you're doing is learning how to learn, and how to think, and how to visualize the ideas that percolate in your mind.

So here what you do:

Never stop thinking.

Never stop asking questions.

Never stop reading, looking, imagining what else can be done.

And don't be afraid to start small.

You'll get there, eventually.


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