For matters of life and death, the body is the medium

Marina Abramovic at Moma

Kath Weider-Roos is the Creative Arts Producer at A&D. She snaps photos and asks questions.

Sigh, if only we had tele-transport to New York and I was not about to have a baby. There's an amazing retrospective of Marina Abramovic's work on at Moma, including live performances throughout the three month run. If you go to New York, check it out for me, it's on until May 31st!

Moma has a great spread on the exhibition with live feeds on the performance to boot. I like this interview below when she talks about her realization that if she wanted to seriously explore the borders of ego, physicality and existence, there was no closer medium than her own body. 

Radical monk, stunt woman and aesthetic artist rolled into one unique human being: wow. Marina was here last year as a Penny W. Stamps speaker-- she held the theatre in breathless silence as showed her work.


Check out the recent New Yorker piece below for a profile of Marina Abramovic: Also, check out this sweet Flickr set - since the start of Marina's latest performance, MoMA has been photographing each person who sits across from her (and becomes a part of the performance):

Posted by Andre Grewe on May 05, 2010





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