Graphic Design: From Computer to Materials

Students in Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo's design class blog about their creative process as they develop a new logo and visual identity for the local pasta company, Al Dente.

Andrew Hainen: Finally getting it “on paper”

Last week we met with with our groups and Franc to discuss where we were with Phase 2 of the Al Dente project.  Up until now, I was feeling strong about my package labels for the different pastas. Taking the inspiration and feel that I had produced in the labels and incorporating it into stationary, business cards, envelopes, shirts, etc. has proven to be an entirely bigger challenge.

With the package labels, I was doing my best to limit the amount of colors I was using, but it wasn’t a top concern as the current labels in use seemed to use quite a few colors.  Phase 2 is requiring a lot more ink limitations, which is proving to be quite a challenge.  With design, it’s very easy to make something look great on screen, and when printing comes into play, one usually just hopes it will come out as nice but....READ MORE FROM GROUP ONE'S BLOG.


Hey all! Red here.
“Easiest” part of the process in creating a label: Figuring out where everything fit and picking type. Establishing the hierarchy and how to make it easy as a system- just change the type of pasta, flavor, color and illustration and boom done new label.

Most challenging part: ILLUSTRATIONS. I have all but garlic parsley done now and I am just too tired to do all the details. Drawings like that are my greatest weakness. Also making different color pallets for flavors whose herb color are all green. There are only so many shades of green out there people!

SO here are my labels, at this point. One sans image....READ MORE FROM GROUP TWO'S BLOG


Today in class we brought in our next set of iterations for the stationary set. Since last week, we were able to go back and make changes and additions to what we initially designed. We reviewed specifics for sizing, spacing, bleeds, and structure for the stationary set as a whole and then further discussed our individual changes and designs in small groups with Franc. The feed back from both Franc and each other was very useful as having the view of a fresh eye always is.

From here we are to finalize our stationary designs and the begin our process on the bag labels.... SEE MORE FROM GROUP THREE'S BLOG


From Chris Parker: These are some samples of the stationary system I’ve been working on. I like the direction its going in; the most common critique is that the fork is too rigid, and the noodley shape is too abstract. I need to make sure it conveys pasta company, not just random food company. I do like that it is geometrically sophisticated and very scalable. There aren’t any raster elements, or textures that would get out of hand at large or small sizes. In that sense, its very practical.....SEE MORE FROM GROUP FOUR'S BLOG


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