Halloween going to the Dogs

Zack Jacobson-Weaver is the Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator at A&D.


For three years my Halloweens have been going down hill.  Ironic considering I'm in the middle of a so called creative community.  Hmmm....what could I do about that?
Would the A&D community be willing to outfox these dogs and begin a new tradition?  Do you have the cajones to compete with your fellow dudes and chicks for the best bragging rights ever?  Should we have the city's best costume contest ever?
Give me some feedback.  I hear nothing, again I sit on my porch and hand out candy to the 3 kids that actually come to my house erstwhile devouring said candy and getting blocked arteries.  Don't block my arteries.  Who wansa potty?  RSVP...
We can beat this!


I'm with you! Now the only question is: should I costume myself as Mexican Dracula or as a dog dressed like a hotdog, dressed like a lion?

Posted by Andre Grewe on September 23, 2010


Posted by Zack Weaver on September 23, 2010

Thanks for clearing that up, I'll get started right away!

Posted by Andre Grewe on September 23, 2010

Are you suggesting we care about something!? The horror! Or are you just suggesting we dress our canine friends up?

Posted by Peter Hall on September 23, 2010


Posted by Zack Weaver on September 23, 2010

i'm afraid.

Posted by Kath Weider-Roos on September 23, 2010

Spread the word by any and all means necessary! I hope we can use the blog instead of so many paper flyers, stump speeches, etc. Tell your friends! Tell your mom. Tell your friend's mom (if appropriate).

Posted by Zack Weaver on September 23, 2010

Halloween is my favorite- I'm in! Although no one will see my costume while I sit in an office all day...

Posted by Stephanie Starch on September 27, 2010

Sure! what more creepy than the human itself in a hot-/dog costume-Can't wait for my first Halloween then!.....

Posted by Alejandra Rivas on October 07, 2010

I could dress like a cement bench...

Posted by Erika Cross on October 12, 2010

Great idea! I'll dress up like a forklift and we can move you from place to place. ....then sit on you.

Posted by Zack on October 12, 2010

I was planning on wearing 3 different costumes for 3 different occasions. Now make that 4.

Posted by Lindsay Balfour on October 22, 2010

Now we're talkin.

Posted by Zack on October 22, 2010

Can we possibly move this shin-dig back an hour? Can it be from 7-9 pm instead of 6-8?

Posted by Paige on October 24, 2010

If it would increase attendance for sure. At this point, we gotta get the word out. Tell everyone to get in here and talk time change. Power to the people!

Posted by Zack Weaver on October 24, 2010

YEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I'm coming as Madonna!! #:-.() can ya dig it???

Posted by SafariSalz on October 24, 2010

Who's going to be Sean Penn, then? Or Vanilla Ice? Yikes.

Posted by Zack Weaver on October 24, 2010

I'll be Vanilla Ice

Posted by Jill Brandwein on October 25, 2010

Vanilla Ice. Check! Who's MC Hammer? We must...MUST... have MC Hammer.

Posted by Zack Weaver on October 25, 2010

I'm in! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Posted by Paula Bousley on October 25, 2010

We can just keep partying till 9pm!

Posted by Stephanie Starch on October 26, 2010

I hope y'all are getting excited! We got a van FULL of snacks and decorations

Posted by Stephanie Starch on October 28, 2010

Actually, I ate most of it last night :6 best worst idea ever

Posted by Zack Weaver on October 28, 2010

MC Hammer! I met him a couple of weeks ago, he was our guest at our party! Oh and I met Davy Jones from the Monkees, he's way cooler, you should get him instead.

Posted by Kristina Frost on October 29, 2010

Davey Jones sucks!

Posted by Zack Weaver on October 29, 2010





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