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Ashley is a 22-year-old A&D alum who is drawing her way through a post-grad life.

Hi.  I'm Ashley and I'll be blogging as I finish up my IP project this semester.  What’s IP you ask?  It stands for ‘Integrated Project,’ but that’s just a fancy term for a year-long thesis project required of every senior here at A&D.  IP is the first time A&D students are able to come up with their own projects, which can be very intimidating.  You come to love it for the freedom and control over the work, but it's all too easy to resent it for the mental and emotional toll it takes on you as time goes on.

Here are some preliminary drawings for my IP project.  It's about an alter ego, suitably named Box Head, who struggles to cope with everyday situations.




What I enjoy most about my project (and drawing in general) is seeing how other people respond to the image.  I can usually be found drawing when I should be working, using the opportunity to grab the reactions of my coworkers.  Oh, that’s another aspect I like best about drawing/illustration:  it’s portable!!

One more thing, I work at a movie theater…



Until the next free moment I get off school/work/internship,



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