i’d rather be a hammer than a single hole floreat

pound it.

Stephen Schudlich is the Director of Exhibitions for Work • Detroit, A&D's exhibition space in the 313.


hi. i'm busy. really really busy. coordinating MFA exhibit for John Walters at work•detroit, getting ready to be one pair of several hands on deck as we move into IP extravaganza and trying to keep the energy high in the intersections spaces. AND i myself, am also in a period of "making" for several upcoming exhibits as well as plotting work•detroit's summer offerings which, though less formal, are no less engaging.

Watch for call for MONSTERS later this spring. we like to open a show up in the summer to everybody and anybody. kind of a tradition. My five year old has already completed several zombies and spider which when presented in just the right baroque frame will be "awesome." but first, i am looking forward to working with plenty o' awesome work from our A & D  makers. Bring it on. we got plenty of nails.


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