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a few things I wish I had known as a shortsighted A&D senior

Olivia Su is a former A&D senior (class of 2010).

Post-graduation concerns may seem to be untimely at the start of a new school year, but there are a few things I wish I had known as a shortsighted A&D senior…

1) Four years of accumulated art garbage- I mean work, will be the bane of your moving out experience.

Though most of my interests were focused on digital works by the end of my college career, I had dabbled extensively in sculpture (of which included metal, wood, and ceramic materials). The result was weird looks from strangers at the bus stop as I carried an infant-sized donkey, and Obama’s decapitated head back to my apartment – a few examples of a plethora of works I had to deal with after classes ended.

No donkey left behind.

I put cookies, not good ideas, into Obama's head.

Ultimately, I had about 250 pounds worth of inconveniently-sized pieces to handle as I scrambled to move out. I couldn’t throw them away – I’m not a mother, but I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t throw away my heavy children if I needed to relocate. However, given the time, I would have put them up for adoption or sold them… Don’t worry, this is just a bad analogy, I’ll be a great parent one day.

2) Take pictures of everything ever.

I mean of worthy works of art – not of a healthy stool that you’re proud of, no one wants to see that. I only mention the latter scenario because I was recently traumatized by a picture sent from a friend. Former friend. Just kidding – about the “former friend” part. I seriously was traumatized, though.

This is not the picture I was shown.

Instead of being a responsible art student, I left all of my documentation for the weeks after my graduation. This meant my art photo shoots were 80% dusting off, 15% gluing together/reassembling, 3% violent sneezing, and 2% of actual picture taking. That makes 100%, I’m clearly very good at math.

3) Don’t try to sell your art to other artists at the summer Ann Arbor art fair.

Based on empirical evidence, these folks seem to be more interested in selling their work than buying other art at a great price.

"But sir, why don't you want to buy my large metal torture contraption?"

I know, I should have become a personal fitness trainer.

Well, I hope that information was useful and not solely pitiful at my expense. A final nugget of advice would be to continuously polish up your online portfolio, especially through your final year. Most of the job-related contacts I’ve gotten have been through my website – a version of which is hosted on the school server:

Happy senioritis!


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