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Zack Jacobson-Weaver is the Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator at A&D.

Cripes!  Sorry no updates from the studio for 3 weeks, but the truth is, we're too damn busy right now to stop and take pictures.  If anyone else has some, send 'em in.  Because slow, we are not.  The studio is re...diculous busy right now.  One thing I didn't miss was the esteemed Jeff Han of TED talks fame.  Jeff was brought in by TCAUP who also brought in a delicious rotisserie-ed goat today in a bacchanalian great-Friday feast.  Nice one Lone Star Kennedy!


Mr Han is famous for being one of the first developers of the multi-touch computer screen now almost made ubiquitous via iPhone and Droid.  Everyone was truly engaged in the presence of the source of their incessant IM-ing and F-booking.  Han definitely put on a show, nearly two hours, of his company's recent innovations on the now-expected interface.  For some of us, the highlight was the development of 3D apps, including texture mapping, which is notoriously tedious stuff.  

Han's hardware is underwritten by a marvelously elegant bevy of mathematics.  If there's one thing I think the visual learners in the crowd took away from the evening it was that, compared to mathematicians, we all have second-order jobs the recent past!  The beauty of Perceptive Pixel's work is in the invisible algorithmic magic happening behind the scenes.  Something I won't pretend to comprehend.


There remains room for observations from other disciplines such as I.D. (Which Han wholly embraced). I thought it was interesting that he acknowledged a shortcoming in the ability of two hands to articulate certain "natural" movements particularly where one hand could not pass around or through the other.  I thought it was weird that their hardware was presented as EITHER multi-touch, OR employing an external element such as a stylus.  It seemed immediately obvious to me that, like alot of hind-sight solutions, the answer lies in the space between.  Try as I did, I was not chosen to ask my question....s: Is Perceptive Pixel considering a hybrid Touch-Tool approach?  Can we gain value from all of the game controllers that have spun throught the market.  The Rock Star drum kit for example.  Is there a combo meal in the works?  Is there a future for the mouse?   And if not, why did you use one to present your awesome talk, Mr Han?



Your questions were good ones, Zack! I wish you'd had the chance to pose them.

Posted by Michael Rodemer on April 10, 2010





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