Joe Camel Doesn’t Smell like Butts

Join us for the All Student Exhibition tonight!

Kath Weider-Roos is the Creative Arts Producer at A&D. She snaps photos and asks questions.

Snapped a couple picts at Slusser Gallery while Mark was setting up for the All Student Exhibition, an annual event here at A&D, where each and every student in the school is invited to submit one piece of work of their choosing. And everyone does since there are !!CASH!! prizes. So suffice it to say, Mark has his work cut out for him.

Poking around, this piece caught my eye from across the room.

Was it a dead deer? A camel? A stuffed camel? Yes, a camel made up entirely of discarded cigarette butts, and not just any cigarette butts but Camel cigarette butts!

Curiously, this sculpture does not stink. Way to recycle and reuse, Claire Jones, 2nd Year.

(See how she did the fur using the smokey filters?)

And this below, from Monica Geraffo, a 1st year student: a basket handwoven using exactly 100 computer cables. (I'm not sure why exactly 100 but I like that.)

The form of the traditional handwoven basket is overwhelmed by these bulky wires. Could it be that technology is not the cure for all the world's problems? Hell, this basket couldn't carry a fresh picked pawpaw fruit! Again, way to recycle and reuse, Monica.

Of course, there's more, in all the A&D Galleries.

I've even heard Emilia Javanica, a 2nd year Grad student, will be performaing "an interactive figure drawing event in an old man bodysuit" at WORK at 7pm-9pm. Not to be missed.

Come join us!!!


I like the wire basket thing. Very creative :D

Posted by Mee on November 29, 2010





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