How a brand needs to be cohesive

Students in Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo's design class blog about their creative process as they develop a new logo and visual identity for the local pasta company, Al Dente.

TEAM ONE is Emily Maier, Sam Goldman, Allie Seiler, Sam Schulman, Chelsae Blackman and Andrew Hainen

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On Wednesday last week (October 6th, 2010), our group met up and went over what we wanted to accomplish and planned out our next steps.  Up to now, everyone has primarily been working on the logo and some simple illustrations.  What we had realized with Franc was that our logos and illustrations felt very detached from one another.  Some of the logos felt more play-like and hand-drawn, while others felt corporate and modern.  Neither of those being a problem, but the illustrations felt like they were in a different theme or realm than the logos.

We decided primarily for this week that we would:

  1. Work on more illustrations
  2. Mesh illustrations with logos and find a common ground

Furthermore, we also covered how we wanted to attack the branding package.  With Al Dente, the main goal is to produce a homogeneous line of packing that can vary in specific places to identify a different type or flavor of pasta.  So, if one sees ten bags, they instantly know and feel like the pastas are the same brand, but can easily identify the different flavors and differences.

With a branding package, one can see a pattern and figure out what to make next.

We hope that with Al Dente, new designers can see out labels, and adapt them to new flavors seamlessly.

Looking at the current line, there is about 10-20 different flavors and varieties of pastas.  This obviously changes often and new lines come out in the future.  So, if two years from now Monique introduces a new flavor, we won’t necessarily be around to design the next label.  To prepare for this, we’ll make the current package designs, and have instructions for how to produce the new labels if new flavors are introduced.  This would follow certain bounds such as:

  • What typefaces to use where, what font sizes to use
  • What color palette to use and where specific colors can be used
  • Placement of information in specific areas
  • Style of illustrations so as to not feel like ten different artists with ten different styles have produced the illustrations.

We will meet again on Monday with Franc to cover our new progress and to see all the new designs everyone has created over the weekend.


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