Update from Germany

Michael Rodemer is spending much of the Summer of 2011 doing a collaborative art project in Berlin with Berlin artist (and former A&D Witt Resident) Franz John as part of Über-Lebenskunst, a symposium devoted to exploring sustainability, sponsored by the House of World Cultures and the Federal Cultural Foundation.

My present coordinates are:
Latitude 50.703237°
Longitude 7.111069°

If you put these numbers into Google Earth, you should see the top of the little urbanized village of ‘Dottendorf’ (engulfed long ago by the city of Bonn) in which we’ve found an apartment for the year that I’m here with a Fulbright Fellowship.

Rodemer: Studio

A fellowship like this means that multiple people and institutions are trusting you an enormous amount to do something productive. Alas, one can’t google an answer to the question of what to do. Consequently, I’ve been spending time in my attic studio thinking and trying things out; some of the first experiments are materializing.  I’ve been painting a good bit (no, I’m not really a painter, but it feels so good, and I LOVE the colors! )

Rodemer: Painting

And I’ve been tearing apart motorized model cars to give them behaviors using microcontrollers and a motor control chip. I’m working on getting this model car to sense when it has reached the edge of the abyss (or table), and reverse direction.



This month, I’ve undertaken an exhibition project in nearby Aachen, working with a fellow artist to make a number of bridge-like sculptures every weekend in January. When they’re done, we’ll have an opening/closing. In this blog, I’ll document something of this experience to share it with you.

Michael Rodemer in gallery

This photo was taken last Saturday in the gallery in Aachen. It’s a “Produzentengalerie”, which means that a group of artists run it as a co-op. My friend Peter Schneider is one of the members of the gallery, and he’s also making bridges for the show. One of these – not finished – can be seen in the background; it’s made of soy noodles, a lovely material.
I’m wearing my hat and sweatshirt because it was FREEZING in that place! Europe is under a winter storm that just won’t go away, so temps are lower than usual, and there is as much snow as in the U.P.! (Well, in some places. Aachen had about as much as during a mild Ann Arbor storm, but it caused mass consternation.)
The name of the gallery is “Artikel 5.” Anyone care to guess to what that refers?
Answer next time....


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