motor city art thieves

Stephen Schudlich is the Director of Exhibitions for Work • Detroit, A&D's exhibition space in the 313.

as director, i orchestrate and promote the sharing of creative process. however, in mr. steve world, i also wear the hat of critic quite happily, at times even gleefully.  this may result in a loss of popularity but i assure you, i sleep soundly at night. been stewing on this. check it out. no way to spin this, 555. the work was in no danger of imminent destruction and was certainly accessible to the interested (though i think the term "death trap" in freep article is a little harsh.) very plain, very simple: you "harvested" this without artist consent for personal gain. this is about preservation for YOU. please do not ordain yourselves stewards or guardians. it's insulting. any arts related mission you may promote is fraudulent. you're thieves. i might applaud a zealous act of tagging over your ill gotten wall piece. hell, i might even fund it.

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nice rant. i agree, this is cheap and lame. Detroit can't seem to get anything right... sigh

Posted by Carl on June 18, 2010





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