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Students in Matt Shlian's Winter 2011 advanced course, Paper Sculpture, ran the gamut from A&D freshmen to grad students in Dance and Architecture.  They explored the concept of collapsibility, investigating the physics behind accordion folds and telescoping instruments in a series of projects that included greeting cards, pop-up books, egg packaging, and wearable paper designs.  
Matt Shlian (left) and Papercraft class at Festifools parade, Ann Arbor.  Images by Melissa Squires.
Check out some of the amazing work they created in the video and images below - click the thumbnails to view larger versions.
Amber Kao - Folding/Unfolding: Paper Engineering & Dance


I would like to see more integration between the folded paper "columns" and the human bodies dancing. Some how having the bodies building outward and inward with each other, either in kaleidoscope blossoming outward and inward or the costumes of the dancers having folded edges that could be extended, contracted, ripped, burst, fountained. The idea has such intriguing possibilities.

Posted by Margaret Thornton Swartzman on June 01, 2011

Kudos to the brilliant Matt Shlian and his students.

Posted by Mark Tucker on June 01, 2011





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