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Zack Jacobson-Weaver is the Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator at A&D.

Remember when R2-D2 was carrying secret plans for the Death Star and shot that cute little image of Princess Leia into Luke's garage? No. Well...shit. This is no further along than any holography I've seen yet. Basically you still need a material substrate to project on. However, as "projection mapping" picks up popularity, people are doing some sweet stuff with it. Among the best I've seen:

Do this one with full audio cause it's a jam. Etienne De Crecy

This one's insane too

This is much subtler, but elegant and effective. Pablo Valbuena

How is it done?.......
Kind of like this...our first in-studio attempt with help from Mat Schwartz.


This is by far one of the most insanely interesting technological advances I've learned about. I really almost don't know what to say because my head is entirely boggled by this. Imagine applying this to the current global warming crisis: actually projecting rising water levels on buildings, or projecting millions of people into an already confined space (overpopulation situation). What about being able to project from the sky, creating a new topographic map? This technology enables the most solid of objects and spaces to break down—crazy! Seeing the application of this at more music shows and festivals would be unbelievable. Also, the range of scale (small-large) that projection mapping is capable of makes it an amazing tool! Infinite creative possibilities. Yum, yum, yum,

Posted by Lauren Sopher on February 16, 2011

No kidding. I added a picture of a simple projection map I've been working on with Mat Schwartz. We haven't put very much time in yet and are already getting some reasonable output. From humble beginnings...

Posted by Zack on February 16, 2011





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