Sculpt Weekly 2.22.10

Workin' It!

Zack Jacobson-Weaver is the Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator at A&D.

I relish in the moments to admit I was wrong.  It means that my workload may be reduced due to lack of faith in my ability, judgement, etc.  And I can start doing the work of one gorilla, rather than 10 gorillas.  This week I was proven wrong in thinking that, on average, our students can be tremendous SLACKERS!  Not true.  I was wrong, again.  Know how I know?  Because I feel like I got hit by a bus load of Spring Breakers heading for some warm watering hole.

This week was actually TOO BUSY TO DOCUMENT!  So if you're reading this, know you can help by sending in pictures, videos, etc.  Uh...I think that's the point of these bloggy, hopey, changey things.  Send MONEY!  So to speak.

Here are some highlights, with a notable addition: I'm posting images of DRAWINGS!  Why?  Because these particular drawings kick A.  And drawing, as you well know, is the cornerstone of any nutritious Art/Des eductation.

Headline: After Courageous Battle, Penguin Loses Both Wings: Dr Levester's Promise:  "Son, you get me what I need and I'll see to it you get your wings back.  Your real wings!"  Or, Levester works on a multi-piece rubber mold.  You decide.


Oleg finds a creepy new way to skip lecture: "Newleg" The Other Sleeping-at-Lecture Oleg!  This life cast was made with Alginate, and cast in plaster for about $35 and is an excellent hair removal system.  Just in time to hit the beach!


J.D. burns the candle at both ends in the TCAUP Fab Lab.  Working through the night with his assistant, Obi Wan Kenobi, J.D. runs a 3-axis waterjet while Obi cuts wood block prints with the 3-axis router.  Sweeeet!  


Shout out has to go to Joyce Brienza's figure drawing class.  Not sculpture, but well-done, dramatic, finely rendered self-portraits.  Shout out to the students for showing up.  And what's up the blue dude's nose?


Next week: Spring Break with visiting artist William Dennisuk from Finland, and luckily not on the Olympic hockey team.  Ouch!


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