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All the art you can pack into a 10'x10'

Teshia Treuhaft is currently chained to her desk documenting the process of surviving senior year at A&D and her obsession with wood veneer.


    One of the most exciting parts of being a Senior in Art and Design is obviously the all-important and fabled senior integrated project studio (I.P.). IP for those of you new to the lingo, is a year long intensive process where blood, sweat and caffeine (hopefully not tears – but sometimes tears) fuel a project that is the culmination of each of our varied paths through the school of A&D at Michigan.

     In order to facilitate the creation of whatever project each student decides, every single member of the senior class – you guessed it – gets an IP studio of their own. My favorite part of this project (of which I have only had the pleasure of experiencing for a mere three weeks) is watching each studio evolve into the first project for each of the seniors.

     My own studio has become possibly as micromanaged as possible, drawing detailed scaled sketches of floor plans and picking out paint colors since practically freshman year. Here is a small selection of the IP studios and the seniors that will create in them:


Dylan Box, Sustainable Design

Andrew Hainen, Digital Design

Ryan Thurmer, Object Design

Jenny Forrest, Graphic Design

Lily Porter, Painting

Tasha Miller, Metal

Teshia Treuhaft, Furniture Design

Stay tuned for how these 70+ projects develop and come to fruition over the next 8 months. 


Great pictures! It's very interesting to see the studio and the students area of interest. Take more pictures and make it into a poster.

Posted by Pepper on October 21, 2011

Posted by Alicia on December 01, 2011





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