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Emily Skaer graduated from A&D in 2009, and currently works as a freelance animator in Portland, OR.

Saw this on my favorite site, Motionographer, it's pretty spectacular.

Here's more about the project from the site:

Johnny Kelly and Matthew Cooper have just made a series of 56 hilarious and poignant animated GIFS called I Am Not An Artist for Elisava, a Barcelona-based design school. The piece, subtitled An Animated GIF Paranoia About Nonstop Design Workers, illustrates the process of design as hard and sometimes painful work using stop-motion and animated sequences that are reduced to 3-7 frame loops. Some are silly, some are trippy, some are mundane. For me the totality of watching the 56 loops playing altogether feels a bit like the kind of work we do; windows upon windows of activity, with no end in sight.

You can get involved as well, and upload your own animation sequence to be included in the piece. I’ve already started thinking about mine.


I also encountered these not too long ago! The computer is especially dizzying.

Posted by Ashley on April 09, 2010





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