Spring What!?

John, Ringo...where's Paul and George? Florida?!

Zack Jacobson-Weaver is the Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator at A&D.

Can't really call it the student weekly.  Cannot call it "break".  Simply no rest for the wicked.  The mood was relaxed and energized.  Progress was made.  And Spring shone its lovely face, with temps exceeding 40º F!  F!  Here was the company this week...

John and guest star Ringo join us to move "Neo-Pastoral" pieces to Work Detroit gallery, opening March 13.

With two months before graduation, Isaac and Alex move too fast for the camera.  Hot wax, holes in their pants, and open-toed shoes.  All rules are off on Spring Break, you rebels.

Eric...uh......well.....Eric lives here.  No surprise to see him.

Erica unwraps bodies in the meat locker for the...

Cannibal Chili cook-off!  (Mine was voted "the worst" by one judge.  Did you hear the new's today?  I suck at making chili!  How can you suck at making chili?) Grand Prize goes to Jason Berryhill.

Jango Roos, bun in the oven, documents work with...


William Dennisuk, whose sculpture is finally coming to life.  For a sneak peak of the proposed project, check out "Parking in the Parks, Art on the River ", from the Ann Arbor Chronicle.


Last word:



Zack, thanks for all the pix! Also for the cord reels I see on the wall in the picture with Eric in it. Good idea! MR

Posted by Michael Rodemer on March 12, 2010





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