Stone Carving: Part Five

Working Outside

Limestone blocks recycled from the Michigan Union have inspired a unique Art and Design class for the Winter 2011 semester. Under the guidance of Professor Michael Rodemer, the six students in this course are learning the stone carving process, from making clay models and forging their own tools to the techniques of carving and finishing limestone sculpture. The class, a unique opportunity for both philanthropy and learning, is intended to teach students more than just the techniques of stone carving: proceeds from the sale of the sculptures created will be used to give financial support to A&D students.

This post is by Michael Rodemer.

A warm day - let us work outside!


Eric peels off the stone, looking for the Möbius  form. Chip by chip, Courtney makes progress.


Having split the stone, Max takes a quick path to smoothing it.   Lindsay releasing a wolverine from the block.


Lindsay's claw chisel efficiently chops away the stone.


Sean's fish is coming to the surface.


Lindsay's stone animal is a tiger, not a wolverine. Sorry!

Posted by Michael Rodemer on April 11, 2011

Oh wonderful! I learned and now teach stone carving at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio. I'm so happy to see this alive up north as well!

Posted by Natalie Wetzel on April 25, 2011





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