Stone Carving: Part Four

Closing In

Limestone blocks recycled from the Michigan Union have inspired a unique Art and Design class for the Winter 2011 semester. Under the guidance of Professor Michael Rodemer, the six students in this course are learning the stone carving process, from making clay models and forging their own tools to the techniques of carving and finishing limestone sculpture. The class, a unique opportunity for both philanthropy and learning, is intended to teach students more than just the techniques of stone carving: proceeds from the sale of the sculptures created will be used to give financial support to A&D students.

This post is by Lindsay Balfour, a student in the Stone Carving class.


With less than a month left before the auction, our hands have never moved this fast. Many of us are still trying to work the kinks out of the limestone before the actual sculpturing process begins.

Max has been trying to cut his piece of stone in half, transforming the process into a three-week commitment. Halfway through class last Friday, Max managed to spilt the limestone.  His accomplishment is captured above, along with the remains of his stone and the tools that helped him get there.

Sean carves


Sean is furthest ahead. Pictured above, he is shown working halfway through shaping the overall form of his piece.

Courtney Drills

Courtney is strategically drilling holes to accelerate the shaping process and remove large chucks of stone at once.



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