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Students in Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo's design class blog about their creative process as they develop a new logo and visual identity for the local pasta company, Al Dente.

TEAM ONE is Emily Maier, Sam Goldman, Allie Seiler, Sam Schulman, Chelsae Blackman and Andrew Hainen

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EMILY MAIER: I made these designs while trying to come up with a new way to incorporate the checkerboard into the logo or the information about the 3 min. cooking time.  Along with the other group members we came up with the idea to create an acronym for the company in order to help create a super-simplified logo, which could be applied to various networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter.


ANDREW HAINEN: For the first week, I began with the logo for Al Dente Pasta, and the layout of the label.   The key item that I left out were the illustrations of the specific flavors of the pastas.  I will be working on incorporating those into the labels this week, as well as continuing with the pasta logo/label design.

These are works in progress, none are finished products.

This is the initial label I started with.  First and foremost, I changed the shape of the label itself, as I felt the oval was difficult to work with right off the bat.  This label incorporates the basic circular logo I have started with for Al Dente, but is definitely not complete.  The typeface used is Chapparal Pro.  Chapparal Pro felt like a bulkier version of the Georgia typeface, and I stuck with a serif type for the more “homegrown” feel that I feel Al Dente emits.

Each of the designs is very “off” on color I feel, and I usually end up working to where I have a solid layout, and then the colors will follow after that (hopefully).  I can tell I’m totally off right now, because the contrast feels off, as well as a consistent scheme, as well as some color to change for each flavor.

All of these I feel like are very structurally based with the new label shape, but I’m pretty sure I can adapt it over to an oval if need be.  This one uses the illustration from a previous package and I feel like it’s much more full and not so empty.  Again, this week I will be working on illustrations.

The biggest thing on these last two, I think, is the feeling between the green, dark red, and light tan.  I think they can work together very well, I just haven’t reached a good spot yet.

Finally, this is a quick sample of a logo I was trying to incorporate, still working on it though.  It was inspired from some restaurant website links I found on a few weeks ago.  The big picture I’m struggling with, is that “Al Dente” feels very akin to being a logo type, with some sort of “embellishment” around it, as opposed to an icon, a quirky way of fitting the letters together, or other logo styles.  Hopefully I’ll have more for next week.

So, here are a couple of links I used this week for inspiration, and hope to have more for you next time!


ALLIE SELLER: Playing with different logos, fonts, and layouts of logos.




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