the fine and applied art of shameless self promotion

vote for me, and i will be your best friend.

Stephen Schudlich is the Director of Exhibitions for Work • Detroit, A&D's exhibition space in the 313.

i am an illustrator. not a cartoonist. i have an uncle who refers to me as a cartoonist and demands that i create carictures at family reunions. i have convinced him that doonesbury was my idea. my work contains "narrative." family circus does not. family circus has characters that never age. creepy. can you name the children? billy, dolly, jeffy, and pj. anyway...

i illustrated this car, a "hoop-t", which is a visual icon of the urban experience, not limited to detroit. then i submitted it to a cool site/company whose founders live in boulder, colorado. it's called threadless. i met these cats at the College Arts Association Conference in chicago and they told me that they receive 1200 submissions a week. i assume that all of the hip members of the A & D community are way out in front of me on this one but, i thought i'd pimp it anyway. so go there, check it out, and hook a brother up by voting for mr. steve's shirt. then jet them some of your own creative brilliance.

but after you vote for me.




I voted as early and often as I could, does this qualify me for a signed Medium?

Posted by Andre Grewe on March 12, 2010





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