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A trip to Chicago uncovers Deb Sokolow

Ashley is a 22-year-old A&D alum who is drawing her way through a post-grad life.

Growing up with Chicago as the nearest big city, I'm nostalgic to get out there as much as possible.  During a recent trip, I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art (free on Tuesdays!).  The museum itself is on its way to becoming a personal favorite.  It's tall open space is welcoming when you first walk in, but as you explore the museum further you find nooks here and there holding even more interesting work.

MCA currently spotlights Chicago-based artists.  One artist that made me stop and gaze is Deb Sokolow.  Titled “You Tell People You’re Working Really Hard On Things These Days,” the drawing is a full-blown diagram of what she thinks surrounds her studio space in downtown Chicago.  Despite its large size, the piece is intimate as Sokolow allows us to tap into her train of thought, seeing her humor and her crazy.  It's work like this that makes me alright with my, at times, paranoid insanity.

The only problem I see with these large pieces is they seem very hard to document.  Looking at her website is nothing like seeing the work in person.  If you ever get the chance to see her stuff, take it.


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