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New news? Old news? Who cares, it's good news: Earlier this week, Vimeo (PLAY's preferred video hosting site) finally released an iPhone app, and it's actually pretty awesome.  

Sure, it lets you browse Vimeo's videos, "like" them, leave comments and all that stuff that you'd expect from Vimeo - in other words, a lot like the YouTube iPhone app, but better looking....


Here's where things really get interesting: the Vimeo app also gives you a way to edit video that you shoot with your iPhone's pretty decent camera!   The controls and capabilities are pretty basic, but let me repeat that: you're shooting and editing movies on an iPhone!  This functionality is also available in Apple's iMovie app, but the big difference is that Vimeo gives it to you for free (not that Apple's $4.99 price tag is that bad, but compared to free...).

So proceed without haste to check out Vimeo's exhaustive blog post (and video) announcing the app's great features, grab your own copy from the App Store, and start making videos.

Then, upload your awesome videos to Vimeo and send us the links (just email, and we'll check them out and can post them, in a great big video circle-of-life thing!


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