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Stephen Schudlich is the Director of Exhibitions for Work • Detroit, A&D's exhibition space in the 313.

Maximillan Kolbe and St. Benedict  exhibiting at Idols and Icons @ Madonna University

Snots   exhibiting at Silver Medal Exhibition @ The Scarab Club

lookee here. i don't just lay in bed and think about how to hang (and keep) other people's stuff up in the gallery. i make stuff myself.  lots of it. and i love to see it up on the wall. mr. steve has a big fat ego you see. above are a couple things in exhibits right this very second. saints on bedazzled catholic school desktops and soon to be released Motor City Panhandler AllStar cards. i encourage folks to exhibit and i am throwing a couple links up here so that you all can look into getting on some call lists for places here in the "D". and don't forget ours!

Scarab Club



oh you ego-maniac you ;) yea! your work! (those panhandler cards give me that creepy 'should I be laughing?' feeling, congratulations on that.)

Posted by Kath Weider-Roos on March 19, 2010

yes, you should be laughing.

Posted by Stephen Schudlich on March 19, 2010





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