Table vs Chair

The Fight of the Century

Teshia Treuhaft is currently chained to her desk documenting the process of surviving senior year at A&D and her obsession with wood veneer.

        So the fact of the matter is that as artists and designers, exhibiting work is part of the game. The other fact of the matter is that as an undergraduate artist or designer it’s really hard to exhibit work because all of your time is dedicated to making the work. Showing it off is inconvenient while you’re in school. 

        Well, Ryan Herberholz (senior in A&D) decided to do something about that. After spending a few years hitting the ground looking for viable gallery space to use, he realized something had to be done about giving undergrads the opportunity to show work without needing to fill an entire gallery by themselves – something that most of us don’t have enough work to do yet.

        With that (and the thoughtful support of Rebekah Modrak) the new student group A.D.E.O. was born (Art and Design Exhibition Organization).

        A.D.E.O. works with the existing student government in the Art and Design School to give student curators space to propose their own exhibitions curate these shows and get first hand experience hanging them.

        Right now the fledgling group has taken over the Slusser Lounge to show student work and installations on a weekly rotating basis in the Egress 11 shows. This way students can have a quick turn around (and all the learning experience that goes along with that) without proposing a show months out.


        The current show was proposed by myself and fellow Furniture friend Dylan Box to throw down in true furniture style posing the age-old question, 

Table or Chair?

        I think it’s pretty clear that my allegiance will always be to Chair (The superior competitor…) but you should go see the show yourself. 


        Come check out the contenders, strap on your boxing gloves and place your bets for TABLE vs CHAIR. 

Note: No Chairs or Tables were harmed in the curation of this show.