Technology, Entertainment and .... Fine Arts?

TEDxUofM taps the A&D students for some amazing poster artwork.

Teshia Treuhaft is currently chained to her desk documenting the process of surviving senior year at A&D and her obsession with wood veneer.

        At TEDxUofM, we have been thinking about ways to incorporate the amazing painters, printmakers and illustrators at A&D into the TED realm for quite a few months now. Arguably one of the best things about UM Art and Design is that each student (whatever their medium) coexists and works side-by-side students that create in completely different ways. 

        Similarly, in TEDxUofM, it is less about who a specific speaker or attendee is and more about the fact that they share a common passion for ideas, inspiration and innovation. Naturally, they all express themselves in different disciplines, much like the students of A&D all express themselves in different media, but I’ve always felt a common thread through the school of A&D and TED.

        This year, instead of having one of our amazing graphic designers (and they are amazing) simply put together a poster; we asked 13 amazing artists and designers from the school of A&D (many of whom may identify as ‘fine artists’ but I don’t like to label) to come up with what they wanted to see on a poster. They could work in any medium, any size and create whatever they wanted with a Red, Black and White palette. Here is a snap shot of the results – check them out all around Ann Arbor in the next few weeks!

And for gosh sakes – register for this amazing event, the application is open now!!!

Paul DiStefano

Sam Levy

Annie Hyrila

Megan O'Neil

Jill Brandwein

Rachel McGuffin

Trisha Previte

Ellen Rutt

Emerson Schreiner

Katie Eberts

Ubin Li

Laura Gillmore

Martyna Alexander

Ryan Herberholz 

Also - If you haven't had your poster fill, there is a neat little Egress show over in Slusser Lounge