Touch This Glue

Kath Weider-Roos is the Creative Arts Producer at A&D. She snaps photos and asks questions.

I ran into Jessica Goldberg, a first year MFA candidate at A&D, in the halls last week. She was gathering her students' final projects for Art Design Perspectives: The Creators.

The students spent the semester studying a wide historical and cultural spectrum of creative people and creative works. Their final project was to contextualize their learning into an art project that re-visions the timeline. Students presented what they had learned through various sculptural works that had some sort of time axis including a kind of  "breast plate" such that Jessica is holding above,  a series of color coded & delicious-smelling cupcakes that were being stashed in the grad lounge (I wonder why!>):

and this poster below made entirely of square post-it notes. Each post-it contained a beautifully drawn image somehow invoking that creator's work.

Students also had to write essays as part of this course, but this assignment seems to have been added as way of allowing the pedagogical information to get entrenched into the memory through a little right-brain activity.

Jessica herself had just finished installing her work in Touch, now playing at WORK • Detroit. This show, unlike most "do-not-touch-the-art" exhibits, is all about getting touchy and feely with the works in the gallery.

Jessica's piece started as sculptural forms on the gallery floor made up of individual "drawings" created out of dyed glue.

Visitors were invited to participate in the creation of the wall piece by arranging the forms on the wall. 

This piece reflects a desire on Jessica's part to move her painting into the realm of sculpture. I love the membrane-feel of these pieces which seems to be an aesthetic theme in Jessica's work.

She's now working with the membranes of clementine oranges~ beautiful!

I'm looking forward to seeing where this will go! In the meantime, get your Touch on at WORK • Detroit!