Cool Classes & Assignments
  1. Helping kids manage diabetes with video games.
  2. Stamps students immerse themselves in a real life 3D animation production pipeline.
  3. A&D students create giant puppets for the annual Festifools parade.
  4. Students create audio to experience under starry skies.
  5. Using coloring books to study abstraction
  6. Students design solutions for an off-the-grid art space in Detroit.
  7. Students study the culture of A&D
  8. Life-Casting with Alginate
  9. a crash course in the sculptural potential of paper and fibers
  10. Matt Shlian's students turn paper into packaging, clothing, sets, books, and more.
  11. John Baird's Furniture Making class creates inventive and usable pieces.
  12. Students create wearable kinetic art using a sewable microcontroller.
  13. Art and Science mix and mingle at the Department of Zoology
  14. Students create motion graphics for TV
  15. Check out bin/art, an exhibition featuring interactive installations from Adaptive Art.
  16. Art & Design, Engineering and Music studients learn how to cast carillon bells for a course called "Shaping the Sound of Bronze"
  17. A doo-zy of a design problem: the pooper scooper
  18. Fantasy Architecture
  19. A&D students get off the ground with foam core - gladiators, breakdancers, pirates and more.
  20. Profiles of four seniors.
  21. Students from engineering, architecture and art/design join forces
  22. Witt Visitor Andrea Loefke: Creating Worlds