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  1. John Marshall on Whithervanes: a Neurotic Early Worrying System
  2. Jack Lardis (BFA '53): Founder of Oil Drum Art
  3. Student Profiles: Meet Ariana Wescott
  4. Ben Van Dyke (MFA '06): Complexity and the Future of Design
  5. Allison Knoll unfriends social media
  6. The man behind Bergdorf's famous window displays
  7. Meet Stamps Junior Sam Oliver
  8. The Stamps community made their mark on Chicago during the recent CAA conference.
  9. Helping kids manage diabetes with video games.
  10. An Interview with Joseph Keckler (BFA '04)
  11. Meet Stamps Sophomore Beiatrix Pedrasa.
  12. Sara Radin (BA '11): Concept Design and Inspiration
  13. Tori Terzakis (BFA '08): Design and Inspiration
  14. Nicolas Lambert (BFA '92): Community Art & Social Justice
  15. Rose Jaffe (BFA '11): Street art, illustration, and social engagement in D.C.
  16. Michael Liang (BFA '08): bringing art school culture to our national parks
  17. Cara Levine (BFA '07) balances studio practice and social engagement
  18. Candy Chang (BFA '01): urban planning + Street art + graphic design
  19. Digital artist Mike Campau ('96) talks about becoming your own brand.
  20. Charlie Michaels shares updates on Detroit Connections: In the Classroom and Change by Design.
  21. EPIC FAIL #4: Jim Cogswell learns that you you can’t make everybody happy...
  22. Tim Raynard (BFA '06) talks about clay modeling for Toyota
  23. EPIC FAIL #3: Parisa Ghaderi learns that making a lot of mistakes can lead to a solution...
  24. Stamps students immerse themselves in a real life 3D animation production pipeline.
  25. EPIC FAIL #2: Juliet Hinely learns an important lesson about site-specific installations...
  26. Anne Mondro is inspired by her work with Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers...
  • Senior Neil Zemba wants to change the world, one shoe at a time.
  • EPIC FAIL #1: Sherri Smith learns an important lesson about prototyping...
  • MOMA design curator Paola Antonelli interviewed by MFA candidate Mia Cinelli
  • Stamps alum Yen Azarro offers advice on how to price student work
  • A&D students create giant puppets for the annual Festifools parade.
  • MFA students report on their 2012 travels
  • Charlie Michaels leads a group of 10 students on a 3-week West African trip
  • To Be Designed: A conference about the future
  • A glimpse into faculty studios this summer
  • Students create audio to experience under starry skies.
  • Celebrated author and A&D alum Chris Van Allsburg delivers the 2012 Commencement Address.
  • An Interview with Type Designer Matthew Carter
  • An Interview with Furniture Designer and A&D Alum TJ O'Keefe
  • Reed Esslinger (MFA 2012) interviews internationally acclaimed artist Ernesto Neto.
  • A&D Professor Janie Paul on 17 years of curating the Annual Exhibitions of Art by Michigan Prisoners.
  • Using coloring books to study abstraction
  • A&D Senior Teshia Treuhaft interviews designer Ayse Birsel.
  • Collaborating with students from Detroit Community Schools
  • An interview with Robert Hammond, co-founder of NYC's High Line.
  • TEDxPoster Project
  • Jim Cogswell designs for the new C.S. Mott Children's Hospital
  • Teshia Treuhaft invites you to a furniture show / fight night.
  • Teshia Treuhaft shares a neat business card trick with wood veneer
  • Students design solutions for an off-the-grid art space in Detroit.
  • Students study the culture of A&D
  • Teshia Treuhaft shares a project by A&D Senior Ryan Thurmer
  • A look at the conceptual progress of an IP Project.
  • Stephen Schudlich gives us a culinary tour of Detroit.
  • Keeping Art Alive in Detroit Public Schools
  • Lessons in cross-disciplinary creativity and dumpster diving.
  • Reupholstering a classic in furniture design
  • Art and Design school gets shaken by a unique call for work.
  • Life-Casting with Alginate
  • a crash course in the sculptural potential of paper and fibers
  • Consider Magazine brings “Free discussion from campus newsstands every Wednesday.”
  • A&D Seniors work on their first project: customizing their studios.
  • How to make a chair in 15 easy steps! (Disclaimer: Not actually easy)
  • The curators share the stories behind Sounds of the State.
  • An Interview with New Yorker Cartoon Editor Bob Mankoff.
  • Matt Shlian's students turn paper into packaging, clothing, sets, books, and more.
  • John Baird's Furniture Making class creates inventive and usable pieces.
  • MFA student Jessica Joy's sticky installations
  • Students create wearable kinetic art using a sewable microcontroller.
  • Fantastical sculptures inspired by biology.
  • Art and Science mix and mingle at the Department of Zoology
  • On Painting: an essay by Jim Cogswell.
  • A&D Associate Professor Nick Tobier on social design and his interest in Detroit.
  • Help me transplant my cells from the Warren Robbins Gallery out into the world!
  • Middle schoolers invade A&D
  • How to hang ice, foxtail seeds and cell membranes
  • Students create motion graphics for TV
  • Jessica Goldberg shares photos from her piece in Touch
  • Check out bin/art, an exhibition featuring interactive installations from Adaptive Art.
  • Art & Design, Engineering and Music studients learn how to cast carillon bells for a course called "Shaping the Sound of Bronze"
  • A doo-zy of a design problem: the pooper scooper
  • Making the Case for Creative Thinking
  • Designing Across Cultures.
  • The Power and Purpose of a Creative Life
  • Fantasy Architecture
  • A&D students get off the ground with foam core - gladiators, breakdancers, pirates and more.
  • From lint traps to comic books: the mysteries and motivations behind collections.
  • Osman Khan goes on a floating residency in the Arctic Circle
  • Olivia Su reflects on her Integrative Project.
  • Profiles of four seniors.
  • Students from engineering, architecture and art/design join forces
  • Tiny Circus: bringing stopmotion animation to small towns across America.
  • Stories from UM School of Art & Design alum.
  • Witt Visitor Andrea Loefke: Creating Worlds