True Tales of Fabulous Flops, Volume 1: Series 3
FEATURING: Parisa Ghaderi, MFA Candidate 2014

Let's face it:
Failure is a part of life. It is an essential part of creating, and an important thing to experience in any art and design education. Everybody has had a project or idea go terribly wrong. Even brilliant makers and thinkers like current graduate student Parisa Ghaderi sometimes have epic fails that teach them something important about themselves and their creative practice.

IT began one day...
...when Parisa, who was trained as a graphic designer, decided to make a sculptural piece for the first time. She thought combining two objects together could create a new and interesting interaction and meaning.

Being new to sculpture, Parisa experimented with trying to combine these objects by breaking them apart and putting them back together. It didn’t work. Next she tried to make molds, which cracked and resulted in broken objects inside.

Parisa tried repeatedly to figure out how to make these objects. She spent over $250 on materials, and her hands were cut and bruised from sanding, cutting, and prying molds apart. After repeated failures, she began to doubt her artistic abilities.

Parisa thought...
This project is a complete and total failure. I’ve wasted lots of time and money, not to mention my hands really hurt. I should just give up.

but then she SAID:
I AM determined! I am NOT GIVING UP YET. I’m going to try this one more timE!

She made one last modification to her mold, and when she pulled it out...
IT finally WORKED!

so, what did she learn from this?
I discovered that learning from your failures is the only thing that matters. From making a lot of mistakes and trying things that didn’t work, I learned a lot about working in a different medium than I am used to. I tried many ways which didn’t lead to what was ideal in my mind, much like Thomas Edison, who said 'If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward'.

Don’t give up because you fail; if you keep going, you’ll prevail!

created by mia cinelli, 2013 • Parisa ghaderi: epic fail #3


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